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What in The World are Breath Holding Spells?


Our 16 month old son, Tristan, has Breath Holding Spells or BHS. In short, he holds his breath till he passes out. BHS is not particularly dangerous. I have learned that many kids experience them. They start at a young age and usually disappear as a child grows older. There are different types of spells. […]

Monday is Cleaning with Kids Day!

  I greatly miss my cleaning lady, Katalina. But in order to save a few bucks, we let her go when we returned home from Belize. We spent more on that adventure then we planned. Now we clean our house every Monday. It’s our cleaning with kids day! Alexis cleans the bathrooms. Taylor cleans the […]

Lessons Learned: The Death of a Pet

The lessons learned from the death of a pet are not easy. Cookie, our cute little mutt, was hit by a car and killed on Tuesday. It was a terrible day as a mother. My babies took their little dog outside to play. He ran around a corner and didn’t come back. When the girls knew […]