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3 Awesome Reasons You Should Have Kids


Don’t worry, I am not a biased mother of four gorgeous kids. Well, maybe I am, but don’t hold that against me. There truly are some great reasons you should have children. Of course on the flip-side there are reasons NOT to have kids too. I will be addressing those reasons in a follow-up post. Stay […]

17 Cool Pinterest Boards for Homeschooling

[bctt tweet=”17 Cool #Pinterest Boards for #Homeschooling.”] I love Pinterest! Pinterest is a website treasure when you need ideas, and is great for organizing and storing those ideas for later use. When we started to homeschool our kids I went nuts scouring the Internet for all types of homeschooling resources. I didn’t want to lose any […]

NOT Celebrating Christmas is Good for Our Family

  Perhaps this post is a bit late however Christmas can’t be too far from most people mind’s. It is pretty much the biggest holiday in North America. It even reaches us in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico, 12 hours from the US border. Although our family is different from most families. We don’t celebrate Christmas or […]

Not the Ideal Housewife or Mom


It’s time for an honest post. I write from the heart and I write the truth. But still don’t we tend to use social media to our advantage? Whether it’s blogging, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever else is the current fad, we post happy thoughts, accomplishments, proud moments, and other stuff  that solicits smiles and laughs. […]

ADHD in Our Family – Kids with ADHD – Part Two


Our girls were diagnosed by two clinics specializing in behavioral disorders with ADHD. Alexis also exhibits signs of ODD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Sawyer was never diagnosed. Although having lived with ADHD my entire life and seeing firsthand the struggles of our girls, I am pretty confident that Sawyer has ADHD and ODD. Of course […]

ADHD in Our Family – Mommy has ADHD – Part One


*If you found this post interesting, please share. I will be sending an invisible hug your way :-) We have ADHD in our family. I have ADHD and my some of our kids have ADHD. I was diagnosed as a child and I was medicated during school hours till I was 12. In kindergarten I […]