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3 Foolproof Strategies for Teaching Spanish to Children with ADHD

3 Foolproof Strategies for Teaching Spanish to Children with ADHD

Thank you to Matthew Dancis for this guest post on teaching Spanish to children with ADHD. We are learning Spanish and our family has ADHD so this article fits Los Gringos Locos perfectly! Matt’s strategies are fantastic and made me reconsider our learning process. I am sure you will benefit as well! – Tina Teaching Spanish […]

3 Ideas for Outdoor Lesson Plans for ADHD Students

3 Ideas for Outdoor Lesson Plans for ADHD Students

*Thanks to Joyce Wilson for her second guest post here on Los Gringos Locos. Joyce is sharing with us some ideas for outdoor lesson plans that will benefit ALL students but especially those with ADHD. Sitting still, focusing, giving their undivided attention, working quietly on their own… When you list the behaviors required for a […]

Why Raising “Outdoor Kids” is a Good Idea


*Thanks to Emma for this fabulous guest post on the benefits of raising “outdoor kids”. Although we are a very techie family, we value outdoor time and the need for it in our daily life. The way kids spend their time today has changed a lot compared to half a century ago. Our kids mostly stay […]

3 Concentration-Enhancing Activities for Kids with ADHD


*Thanks to Joyce from TeacherSpark.org for providing Los Gringos Locos with this guest post on the benefits of concentration-enhancing activities for kids with ADHD. I believe these activities would be great for ADHD adults as well. Enjoy! According to the U.S. Department of Education, there are three necessary components required for students with ADHD to be […]

Understanding My Dilemma of Distraction


I have a dilemma. I am easily distracted. I allow myself to become overwhelmed. Here I am sitting in bed, thinking, when I should be sleeping. Balance is so hard for me. My brain is always working and planning. Sometimes my body wants to sleep but my mind won’t rest. I always have multiple projects […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Parents of Children With ADHD


*This is a guest post from Vee Cecil. She is a Kentucky girl, like me! I love her article about ADHD because two of our four children have been diagnosed with this, and I have the disorder too. After reading her post, visit her blog. She is in the process of writing a book! Go Vee! […]