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How to Paint Blank Russian Nesting Dolls with Your Kids

How to Paint Russian Dolls with Your Kids in Photos

Updated February 13, 2021 – I have always had a thing for Matryoshka dolls or Russian nesting dolls. Recently I bought a set of five blank Russian nesting dolls for the kids and me. It was a fun craft for our Monday afternoon. The kids loved it as you can see below. They loved their […]

How to Make Sharpie Coffee Cups with Your Kids

How to Make Sharpie Coffee Cups with Your Kids

UPDATED on 3/20/21 – Kids love crafts. At least mine do :-) Making Sharpie Coffee Cups is very easy for kids and it doesn’t require a lot from parents ;-) Hahaha! I don’t know about you but I have a hard time fitting arts and crafts into homeschooling so when I find something easy, creative, […]

“Going To Work” Sounds Good To A Tired Mom


For a long time, I thought, “Why would a mother want to go to work and leave her kids?” Now I know. Not only are there circumstances when a mom needs to work to provide for her family, but there are also times when a mom needs to work for her own sanity. I blog […]

5 Things I Learned About Homeschooling


We have been homeschooling for two years. Despite the short time, I have learned many things as a homeschooling mom of four. Some are good and some not so good. Either way I am glad to learn as it can improve our homeschooling if we take the knowledge and make the best of it. Homeschooling […]

Homeschooling Arts and Crafts


To be honest, I am not a very artsy or crafty momma. I wish I was. I love arts and crafts, as you can see by my Pinterest board for kids, but I don’t take the time to make it a priority. The kids love arts and crafts too and we have managed to fit […]

Insane – What My Schedule Really Looks Like


Insane. That is what my schedule really looks like. Oh, I have a schedule and I love my schedule. It keeps us functional. Unfortunately though, many days like today, the schedule goes out the window. Days like today, I have to be flexible and go with the flow. Taylor was supposed to be homeschooling today, […]