online English teacher


  • Born in the USA
  • Clear, Neutral Accent
  • Real American English including Formal, Casual, and Slang
  • 30 years of Experience Teaching and Public Speaking 
  • 25 years of Experience in Business Management and Business Communication
  • 10 years of Experience as an Online Content Creator


  • Learn Real-Life Conversational Skills
  • Advance your Career with Business English
  • Communicate Clearly with Accent Reduction
  • Speak like a Native with Idioms and Phrasal Verbs
  • Stress-Free Learning in a Fun, Flexible, and Relaxed Environment


  • English Placement Test
  • Gap Analysis
  • Personal Learning Plan 
  • Digital English Lessons
  • Homework Assignments


  • A basic knowledge of English is REQUIRED for my classes.
  • I do not teach children unless they have basic English knowledge and they are focused and outgoing.
  • I have access to CAMBRIDGE, OXFORD, and PEARSON interactive materials. Please inquire if you are interested.
  • My Business English and Accent Reduction classes are 20% off for a limited time. Enjoy the reduced rates!
  • Questions? Contact me HERE

CONVERSATION / GRAMMAR – 50-minute class via Zoom

This curriculum includes speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills and is ideal for all levels of English learners. Proper grammar is taught, as it is important for clarity in conversation.

CONVERSATION – 50-minute class via Zoom

These stand-alone classes include speaking, listening, and reading skills and are designed with adult learners in mind. Most lessons include authentic videos and all lessons stimulate critical thinking with thought-provoking topics about the modern world. Topics include business, family, global issues, lifestyle, technology, travel, and more.

BUSINESS ENGLISH CURRICULUM – 50-minute class via Zoom

Business English is a universal language in the corporate world. We can target areas that will help you achieve your career goals and increase your confidence. This complete curriculum will provide you with a full understanding of the topics you chose to study.

B1 LEVEL TOPICS ◼️ Job roles and Responsibilities ◼️ Around the Office ◼️ Companies and Products ◼️ Business Meetings ◼️ Business Travel ◼️ Business Networking ◼️ Cultural Awareness ◼️ Customer Service ◼️ Negotiations ◼️ Workplace Problems ◼️ Inside an Organization ◼️ Business Leadership ◼️ Internal Communication ◼️ Job Satisfaction ◼️ Job Experience ◼️ Technology and Innovation ◼️ Sales ◼️ Customer Experience ◼️ International Business ◼️ Remote Work

B2 LEVEL TOPICS ◼️ Products ◼️ Time Management ◼️ Conflict Management ◼️ Social Media in Business ◼️ Human Resources ◼️ Workplace Personalities ◼️ Business Trends ◼️ Communicating with Clients ◼️ Marketing ◼️ Business Ideas

More topics coming soon!

BUSINESS ENGLISH VOCABULARY – 50-minute class via Zoom

These lessons focus on understanding and using business vocabulary. The lessons are not as comprehensive as the business curriculum above. They can complement the business curriculum lessons or they can be taken separately for those who want a rapid understanding of Business English.

B2 LEVEL LESSONS ◼️ Advertising ◼️ Brands and Identity ◼️ Customer Service ◼️ International Business Etiquette ◼️ Telephone Communication ◼️ Business Emails ◼️ Employment ◼️ Negotiation ◼️ Business Meetings ◼️ Organizational Structure ◼️ Interviews ◼️ Creating a Resume CV ◼️ Presentations ◼️ Networking ◼️ Business Ethics ◼️ Entreprenuership ◼️ Business Law ◼️ Business Travel ◼️ Finance ◼️ Marketing ◼️ Proposals and Pitches ◼️ Cover Letters ◼️ Human Resources ◼️ Motivating Employees ◼️ Public Relations

ACCENT REDUCTION – 50-minute class via Zoom

This class provides training on English pronunciation, articulation, and intonation. Each class is personalized for my student’s needs. We can reduce your accent but NOT eliminate it, and some accents are more difficult to reduce than others. For best results, this class requires the student to practice between classes.

IDIOMS ‍– 50-minute class via Zoom

Learn the code for native speaking. Idioms combine culture and history to form new and unusual expressions that exist within the English community. Learning idioms will help you understand the message that native speakers are trying to convey and will help you speak English naturally.

B2 LEVEL LESSONS ◼️ People ◼️ Love ◼️ Food and Eating ◼️ Animals ◼️ Anatomy ◼️ Colors ◼️ Friendship ◼️ Workplace 1 ◼️ Workplace 2 ◼️ Health and Fitness ◼️ Money and Finance ◼️ Time ◼️ Weather ◼️ Travel ◼️ Personal Qualities ◼️ Sports ◼️ Knowledge ◼️ Age ◼️ Clothing and Dress ◼️ Emotions ◼️ Enthusiam and Motivation ◼️ Communication ◼️ Education ◼️ Relationships ◼️ Appearance ◼️ Law and Order ◼️ Shopping and Possessions ◼️ Home ◼️ Common Expressions 1 ◼️ Common Expressions 2

PHRASAL VERBS ‍– 50-minute class via Zoom

Phrasal verbs are extremely common in formal and informal English. Phrasal verbs combine two or more words that work together to form a new verb with a new meaning. Learning phrasal verbs will improve your understanding and increase your vocabulary. Communication will become easier for you and you will sound more natural and relaxed.


Why Choose Me as Your English Teacher?

  • I am a native English speaker with a neutral accent. I have many years of teaching experience. I am a natural at conversation and I love my job. My smile is big and my laugh is loud :-)
  • At age 9, I started giving regular five-minute public speaking presentations in front of over 100 people.
  • At age 16, I started spending over 90 hours a month performing missionary work and teaching both young and old.
  • At age 17, I attended a two-week training class about the art of teaching. This involves not only the mind but the heart as well.
  • At age 26, I attended a six-week training class about speaking and teaching a foreign language.
  • At age 34, I moved to Latin America, namely Mexico, as a missionary, with my husband and four young children.
  • At age 37, I attended a one-week training class to improve my art of teaching and refresh my skills.
  • I have real-life teaching experience in a bilingual and multicultural environment as a mother of four and a missionary, serving the community.