My Son is Screaming, Give Me Earplugs

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Cuteness can be deceiving :-)

10:42 pm – Ugh. My son is screaming, give me earplugs! I am sitting on the couch in my in-laws living room, while Brad tries to sleep on the air mattress on the floor. Tristan is in his crib screaming his lungs out, one room over. Don’t worry. He is fine. I got him out, like a good mommy, and held him for ten minutes. He didn’t let out one peep while in my arms. I changed his diaper and put him back to bed. And the screaming started back up….

10:55 pm – Well, I couldn’t stand it anymore and now Tristan is in here with us. I know his fit was keeping my in-laws awake and they need their rest. As I blog he is walking around in the dark looking for trouble. Hey, I guess he learned to click his tongue! That is new! Oh and he is farting too. Maybe he has gas pains??? Tell me kid, what is your problem??? I tried putting natural vanilla extract on his gums. Little Dude is cutting a molar. This could definitely be making him cranky. A friend told me about using natural vanilla extract for toothaches and I thought, “Let’s try this on teething gums! It has to be healthier then that store bought stuff, right?” I can say that it works, with no ill side effects thus far. I just dip my finger in the bottle and rub it on his gums. Tah dah! Is it working tonight? I don’t know.

11:29 pm – We moved his crib in the living room for tonight and Tristan is much happier. He is drinking his milk… excuse me, he was drinking his milk. He just threw his sippy at me so I guess he is done. But I don’t hear any crying,  and flopping himself on the floor of his crib is a positive sign of impending sleep.

11:39 pm – Ahhhh, he is sucking his thumb! I can hear him! Victory, finally! No, wait… he is standing up and speaking baby gibberish. I rejoiced too quickly. With only a 20 minute nap today I would think Tristan would be super tired! I am tired! The rest of Louisville, Kentucky is sleeping, son! It’s your turn!

11:47 pm – After multiple proofreading, I am done with this post. Tristan however is still awake, but he is being very good in his crib. I am going to add a photo of my sweet boy and hit publish. When Tristan plans on actually shutting his eyes and calling it a night, we may never know. But as long as the screaming is no more, I am hitting the sack. Signing off, Tina, tired mom of four, yet happy mom of four :-)

10 thoughts on “My Son is Screaming, Give Me Earplugs

  1. Ana Lynn says:

    I heard about vanilla extract, and I also used sage tea with my kiddos. I remember those day with our daughter, our son never had problems going to sleep. This too shall pass!

  2. Philip Verghese Ariel says:

    H Tina,
    I am sorry, something went wrong here.
    I just wrote a comment and copied it but
    its not copied instead a previous comment got copied and by mistake i pasted that and posted it. Kindly delete it
    Indeed, This post indeed made me to go back to my old days with my two little sons, now they are grown up and those screaming stage is rare or over LOL. Indeed those days are really a pleasant and enjoyable time in my life, of course those times are meant for screaming only LOL
    You presented this note in a wonderful way with writing at the same time and at last pressed the publish button. Nice note.
    Nice to know a bit more about this page.
    Hey I am here via IBA and Brittany’s page.
    Nice to be here.
    In fact this note made me to go back to those days with my little ones.
    Thanks for sharing
    Nice to meet you at IBA
    Keep sharing
    Best Regards
    ~ Phil

  3. Jen says:

    ha. the other day in a 4-hour car ride home my kids – who apparently only know my name – Mami, Mami, Mami-ed me to death. husband asked, “Do you have your earplugs?” And, in fact, I did. The rest of the car ride was lovely. :)

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