Our Move to Mexico – Day 4 and 5 – We Have Arrived!

Our Move to Mexico - Day 4 and 5 - We Have Arrived!
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What a morning and it’s not even 9 am yet! We are driving through Mexico’s mountains. In our move to Mexico, we have officially crossed the border into this unknown land ;-) Our friend Bill, who came to meet us at the border, is playing with Sawyer. I think Sawyer found a new friend.

We crossed the border at 3 am. Funny story here. It was early so Brad’s brain wasn’t in Spanish mode yet. I was communicating better than him and that made me feel smart ;-) The border patrol was checking our boxes and we were afraid they might pull the vehicle apart. Fortunately, they just wanted money for coke and pizza. Brad finally understood and gave them $20. After that, we were on our way!

Our Move to Mexico - Day 4 and 5 - We Have Arrived!

It’s 11:30 am and the last hour has been exciting. First of all the roads here are different. In small towns, there are speed bumps, aka topes, on the highways. We didn’t see one before it was too late and we lost a couple of straps and our aluminum bar equalizing the pull of the straps. A few boxes were crushed. By the looks, we didn’t break or lose anything so that’s good. Then Sawyer got sick to his stomach and barfed. We made a fast pit stop and got some fresh air and did some cleanup. He seems to be fine now. Feeding him potato chips, a cookie, and apple juice for brunch probably was a bad idea.

Ok. It’s Saturday now. I started this blog yesterday morning! I don’t know when we will have Internet so we are at Applebee’s eating breakfast and using their Internet. Yes. Applebee’s in Morelia, Mexico. Anyway, yesterday was a long day in our move to Mexico. Very long. We left Texas at 3 am and got to our destination in our move to Mexico at 9 pm. Todo dia en el camion! All day in the truck!

We need to go. Kids are getting restless. Lots to set up today. Signing off, Tina

At the Mexican border, Brad is waiting to cross… The car behind us is being patient but the next car back starts to honk… you weren’t supposed to stop till further on!
Our friend Bill, who has been very helpful in our move. He is so sweet and loving. Like a grandfather. Brad has known him for about ten years.
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Pretty mountain range in Mexico.
The sun is shining through the clouds on this Mexican mountain.
This is how you pass in parts of Mexico on the highways. Trucks are taking the shoulder and Brad is coming up the middle! Crazy and a little scary!
A cardboard police car. Sometimes the real ones park here. You don’t know till you get closer.
A huge cactus growing out of the sidewalk in our Bible ministry. This one is for you Mom!

Originally published October 12, 2013

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  1. Kevin says:


    My family and I are in the city of Puebla, if you ever want to swing by and taste the amazing flavors they have here. Let me know and coffee is on me!


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