We Are Moving to Mexico! – Our First Day on The Road

We Are Moving to Mexico! - Our First Day on The Road
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When we told everyone we were moving to Mexico the reactions we got ranged from “that’s awesome” to “you are crazy” to “what about the kids”. To be real, it is pretty awesome whether it lasts six months, five years, or forever. And we are a little crazy, or maybe even a lot crazy, and that means our life is never boring. As far as the kids are concerned, these little people we made with love mean the world to us and we hope moving to Mexico will be a great ride for them.

We Are Moving to Mexico! - Our First Day on The Road

There are many reasons for moving to Mexico and making this life change. My standard answer was “to retire and do missionary work”. But there is much more behind it. Our Bible ministry is our life. And when we put Jehovah God first, making him the priority, honestly we are just happier people. When we make decisions that forget about God that is always when problems arise and we are miserable. I don’t want to make this a preachy blog but this is who I am so I might as well let you know.

Now when I told people the retirement part of our move I usually got a second glance and sometimes a “you are too young to retire”. That is true and if it wasn’t for my husband this wouldn’t be possible. But “retire” is just a simple cover word for “my husband is on disability but don’t be jealous. Frankly, it’s pretty awful for him at times.  He suffers from the effects of a brain injury due to a motorcycle accident including, but not limited to, memory loss, seizures, blackouts, or what we call “brain farts”. We need a simpler lifestyle with less stress for his health (and it won’t harm my mental health either)”. So there. Now you have “the whole story” as Paul Harvey would say.

[ngg src=”random_images” display=”pro_imagebrowser” is_ecommerce_enabled=”1″ maximum_entity_count=”20″]Today is the first day of our Spanish adventure, moving to Mexico, and we left Kentucky at about 2 pm. We were supposed to be up at 3 am this morning. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. But who cares? Here we are on the road and I am happy to be in the truck with all four of my babies and my best friend and on our way. The last two months have been crazy. No consistency,  no schedule,  no fun. You don’t realize how important those things are for a functioning family of six till they are gone! But preparing to move out of the country and leave everything behind except what will fit in or on a GMC Yukon Denali is not easy. No way José. Glad that part is over.

“Whoa!” the hubby says from the driver’s seat. We keep going over bumps and the boxes on the back leap with the truck. He is afraid we are going to lose them. I don’t think we can fit any more straps on there. They seem pretty secure if not a little bouncy. However, picking up clothes all over the highway would not be fun.

I think maybe I have exhausted my writing skills for today. I took a nap earlier and drooled on my pillow and I am still kinda worn out. We plan to stop a bit later and get a room with a pool for the kids. I will upload my blog then. Enjoy the read and come back to visit. Love to our friends and family. You know who you are. Feel free to leave me some feedback but don’t get nasty or I’ll delete it. You can get your own blog for that and have all the “freedom of speech” you need. Signing off, Tina

Potty Break in Tennessee
Swimming in Arkansas

Originally published October 8, 2013

7 thoughts on “We Are Moving to Mexico! – Our First Day on The Road

  1. Sarah Thornton says:

    I love it!:-) I’m just a teensy bit jealous.:-) Tell Brad and the kids hello for me, and get a good nights rest. Love ya. – Sarah

  2. Bekki Swanson says:

    Im going to miss you guys so much and may you enjoy your travels to Central America and hope to see when u come back to visit. keep in touch. love u

  3. Daniel Haanpaa says:

    We are proud of you. I will continue to follow your blog. I belive this will help your kids out. There are lots of sucess stories of people who are doing this with families. We have a sister and her husband in our congergation who the sister was a young person when she went with her family down to ecuador. May Jehovah bless your efforts in your new assignment

  4. Anonymous says:

    Glad everything is going well. May Jehovah bless your efforts with much success & happiness. “Daps” David and Shannon :)

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