Living in Mexico, It’s Official – Our First Week in a New Country

We are Officially Living in Mexico - Our First Week in a New Country
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We finally got our Internet up and running on Thursday. Everything here runs a little slower. Brad says I will learn patience. We had no hot water for the first week because the water heater had a clogged pilot light. The cold showers were very refreshing, to say the least. Poor Sawyer screamed when I finally made him take a shower. I decided not to torture Tristan, our five-month-old. Thankfully babies don’t get B.O. It has been a full week living in Mexico.

We are Officially Living in Mexico - Our First Week in a New Country

So far, so good. We have a very pretty house we are renting in a small gated community. I feel safe here. We are five minutes from Walmart, Home Depot, and ATM’s. We were able to stay at our house Friday night when we arrived. It’s lovely. We had a friend who manages rentals and she found this for us right before we left Kentucky. We plan to be here for a year or more so we signed a year’s lease. Click here to see images of our first home living in Mexico.

We are still getting our schedule together. Starting to get settled but not there yet. Trying to figure out how everything works down here. It’s bedtime. I may have to finish this tomorrow…

[ngg src=”random_images” display=”pro_imagebrowser” is_ecommerce_enabled=”1″ maximum_entity_count=”20″]It’s tomorrow and the house is quiet for a few minutes. Getting ready to go to the chiropractor with a friend. Should be interesting. Let me tell you a bit more about the whole Walmart experience. Everything is in Spanish of course. We are living in Mexico. I know a little Spanish thankfully, or I would have been really lost. Most of the products are Spanish brands so I had to read the labels. Especially when trying to find food without food coloring or preservatives. On a few things, I just had to give in and take the plunge. There are also parking attendants at all the major shopping centers including Walmart. Some are hired by the stores and some aren’t. The latter make money by earning tips. We usually give them a couple of pesos if they help us out. Sometimes they find our parking spaces and sometimes they help load the groceries.

I am back from the chiropractor and he did a great job on my neck. Not sure about the rest of me but I will go back to see him for my neck which gives me headaches. I took Alexis with me because our doctor in the States said she has Scoliosis just like her mom. Poor kid. She also has my bad eyesight. Anyway, the visit cost 70 pesos the first time and 50 pesos every time after. Today’s currency exchange rates make that $5.45 for the first visit and $3.89 for thereafter. The nice thing about living in Mexico ;-) Brad bought me a dozen roses Saturday for 35 pesos. That is $2.72. I told him he can’t tell me that they are too expensive anymore.

Not everything is cheap. Electronics are expensive and that includes appliances. We bought our microwave and fridge used and we are doing our laundry every Monday morning at the laundromat. We also bought our beds used and we are getting ready to buy a used couch. Saves money and works well except our bed is a double and we are used to a queen. Would have been great at age 20 but now after 15 years of marriage and a few extra pounds… well at least it’s quality cuddle time. It was also a little hard on the back so we went to Walmart and bought an egg carton mattress pad. It definitely helps.

I think I will say good-night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. And guess what? We are officially living in Mexico! Till next time :-)

Originally posted October 21, 2013

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