Day 3 of Our Move to Mexico – On The Road Through Texas

Day 3 of Our Move to Mexico - On The Road Through Texas
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We are on our third day of this voyage, our move to Mexico, driving between San Antonio and Laredo, Texas. The kids have been excellent thus far. I am so proud of them. Yesterday the girls even managed to do some math, spelling and writing for a few hours. The scenery is starting to change. Texas land is flat but green with brush and trees dotting the plains. We can look out our window and see palm trees and small cactus. There is no desert here. The temperature is slowly rising. It’s almost 90. Our next hotel has an outdoor pool for the kids.

Day 3 of Our Move to Mexico - On The Road Through Texas

I have been doing a lot of reading and I came across a new type of homeschooling. It’s called “carschooling”. If you Google “carschooling” all kinds of interesting things come up. We are doing a little bit of everything when it comes to homeschooling. I think this is called “eclectic homeschooling”. This includes “carschooling” which is basically when you teach your child while on the road. This is very new to me so I am learning a little every day. They say your first year homeschooling is a test run. Every family just has to find what works best for their children.

[ngg src=”random_images” display=”pro_imagebrowser” is_ecommerce_enabled=”1″ maximum_entity_count=”20″]I am writing while Brad drives and things continue to change. The small cactus are abundant now and there are plenty of cattle too. Ranches are starting to pop up and oil pump stations with a burning flame. Hey! What do ya know? A man with a cowboy hat and boots is opening a gate to pull his truck through. I am getting sleepy. So ready to be out of this Denali. I still can’t believe how good the kids are being. Signing off, Tina

Sawyer drawing cars… or at least trying.
The rear view of our Denali. All our material possessions are packed in this truck for our move to Mexico.

Originally published October 10, 2013

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