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Swallowing Glass – Parenting Problems with Toddlers

Swallowing Glass - Parenting Problems with Toddlers

What should you do when your baby is swallowing glass? First, don’t panic. Our baby was caught swallowing glass and all is still well. It was terrifying but it turns out we are not the first parents to experience their toddler swallowing foreign objects. Here is our story! A few weeks ago I ended up […]

3 Awesome Reasons You Should Have Kids


Don’t worry, I am not a biased mother of four gorgeous kids. Well, maybe I am, but don’t hold that against me. There truly are some great reasons you should have children. Of course on the flip-side there are reasons NOT to have kids too. I will be addressing those reasons in a follow-up post. Stay […]

ADHD in Our Family – Kids with ADHD – Part Two


Our girls were diagnosed by two clinics specializing in behavioral disorders with ADHD. Alexis also exhibits signs of ODD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Sawyer was never diagnosed. Although having lived with ADHD my entire life and seeing firsthand the struggles of our girls, I am pretty confident that Sawyer has ADHD and ODD. Of course […]

Vaccines in Mexico


Last week Tristan had his first set of shots in Mexico. We have a very nice neighbor that lives around the corner. Adrian took us downtown Morelia to a local family health clinic. The shots were free, despite our family being from the US and living here on a temporary visa. Brad and I received […]

Parenting, Kentucky Style


Here I am sitting at my laptop, blogging at 9:26 pm, because the house is finally quiet and the kids are in bed. Yea! Brad just called me upstairs to talk about our future trips to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Yes, we have big plans. In April we plan on going to Belize for […]