Don’t Move to Mexico Just Because It’s Cheap

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I often get asked why move to Mexico. One of our reasons was because Mexico is a cheap place to live if you earn the American dollar. After living here for over three years I can say with conviction, “Don’t let that be your main reason for a move to Mexico”. Why?

Don't Move to Mexico Just Because It's Cheap

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Because if that is your only reason you probably won’t last. Fortunately for us, we adapted rather well to the new culture but for some, it can be rather difficult if they are not prepared for change. Change is essential if you are going to move to Mexico or any other country. Change will allow you to stay, whereas being bull-headed and only seeing things in black and white will send you packing your bags and running for home.

Mexico is Cheap

But it is so much more than that. I am not well-traveled but the one thing I do know is that wherever you go you need to be able to appreciate what is different. For me, different is part of the adventure of travel and living abroad!

The cost-of-living in Mexico is cheap in comparison to living in the US. It’s not exactly cheap for Mexicans. The wages here are awful and that is terribly sad… but that’s another story. But for Americans, Canadians, and many Europeans, when we bring our money to Mexico it buys a lot more than in our home countries.

Because my husband is disabled and we live on a budget, economically and healthwise, a move to Mexico made much more sense for us than struggling in the US. So yes, this was a big factor in our decision.

Mexico is Different

No two countries are alike. Isn’t that amazing? I find the differences in Mexican culture, food, architecture, and language to be fascinating. I think diversity is beautiful and makes us unique. Mexico is diverse. I had no idea how much so until the last few years. I have learned more living here than I ever imagined was possible.

Being adaptable and able to accept change is a big deal. You will be able to experience beautiful and grand new things in your life. You won’t be stuck in your own small world but you will be able to really appreciate the world around you. You will discover how big it is and how small we really are. Change gives you a whole new perspective!

Bottom line: If you move to Mexico…

Or anywhere outside your own country, don’t move just because it’s cheap. Don’t let that be your only reason. Move because:

  • It is new.
  • It is different.
  • It is an adventure.
  • It is a discovery.
  • It is an experience.
  • You are ready for a change!

And here are a few more reasons that made sense for our family:

  • My husband’s health ~ Mexico is tranquilo :-)
  • We wanted to expand our Bible ministry.
  • Mexico is cheap since my husband’s pension is in the American dollar… but remember that wasn’t our only reason!!! Just need to be sure you got that part ;-)

In conclusion, if you want some more reasons for a move to Mexico, check out International Living’s article with 10 reasons for a move to Mexico and notice that only #2 and #3 were related to Mexico’s cost-of-living. Have a great day wherever you are in the world and thanks for reading!

Signing off in Mexico and loving it here, Tina

Originally published March 28, 2017

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