Life in Mexico and The Cost-of-Living – Two Weeks in a New Country

Life in Mexico and The Cost-of-Living - Two Weeks in a New Country
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UPDATED 9/15/2018 with the current exchange rate of 1 USD to 18.95 pesos – Well, maybe it has not been quite two weeks but close enough ;-) So far life in Mexico is good and the cost-of-living is great! Keep reading below :-)

Monday is officially laundry day and car wash day. We spend a few hours at the laundromat washing our clothes and chasing Sawyer around. Then we visit an Auto Spa a few blocks away that will hand wash the Denali for 70 pesos. That is $3.69 at today’s rate. They did an excellent job inside and out. She was sparkling. This city is very dusty. It’s almost a must to clean your vehicle weekly. ( Currently, here in Uruapan we pay 120 pesos to have our Denali cleaned. That is $6.33.)

Life in Mexico and The Cost-of-Living - Two Weeks in a New Country

Our Denali decided to be complicated this week. I guess she wasn’t happy with the wash ;-) One of the windows stopped working. So we took it to a shop Monday afternoon and they fixed it. The cost was 450 pesos or $23.74. Can you imagine what that would cost in the US? Anyway, the window is fixed and today the radio decides to go out. It keeps turning on and off and making buzzing noises. Very annoying. These bumpy roads make it worse. So I guess we will be headed back to that shop soon to have the radio fixed as well. Car trouble seems to be life everywhere, not just life in Mexico ;-)

Tuesday we went to Morelia’s zoo. 22 pesos for ages 10 and up ($1.16) and 12 pesos for 10 and under ($0.63). I think Tristan was free. But if he wasn’t, that’s cool too. Very nice zoo, as zoos go. You know, animals in captivity…. They had Leons Blanco (White Lions)! They were beautiful and enormous! A Parrot and an Otter wanted to be hand-fed. Very cute.

Here’s the downer. Rain was in the forecast. But I said “Oh it won’t rain. It didn’t rain yesterday.” Well, we got there and it started to rain. So we walked in the rain for an hour and got soaked because we are stubborn and crazy like that. We only saw part of the zoo, although for the price of admission it wasn’t a problem, and we promised the kids we would return. When the forecast is sunny.

Oh, and did I mention we forgot Sawyer’s shoes?! Note to self, “Brad will put Sawyer in the truck without shoes. Mommy must check for shoes.”

Good night and sweet dreams of life in Mexico!

PS For a more detailed summary of our cost-of-living in Mexico, click here.

Taylor and the friendly, or maybe, hungry parrots
This beautiful creature looks a bit sad behind that fence :-(
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These tiger cubs are playing with their trainer.
Mr. Elephant is resting his trunk on the fence.
And a black swan. I used Photoshop to turn the image to black and white and add the red back to the swan’s beak.

Originally published October 25, 2013

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