Morelia – A City of Sights and Homeschooling Thoughts

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There is so much to see in Morelia. We have been here three months and I still have a list of things to see and do. A few Thursdays ago we took the kids downtown for the afternoon. It was a beautiful day and Centro was full of people. We walked through Morelia’s Cathedral (Images 1 and 2), which was constructed 200 to 300 years ago. The cost and work put into the building is amazing considering the time period it was built. There is also modern artwork in the downtown or Centro area. The permanent bronze statue and the temporary recycled art exhibit (Images 3 and 4), are examples. My favorite was the momma elephant and her calf made from tires. They also made a large paper mache T-rex. He was pretty cool and a close second to the elephants. Another place we saw was a very old college (Image 5). I know it is still in use because they had a book store located in part of the building although I don’t know if they still hold classes. Last image (Image 6), was taken across the street from the Cathedral. There are all kinds of little shops and restaurants here. Beautiful archways full of life.

Today Brad is in the Bible ministry and Taylor, our eight year old, is with him. Alexis is trying to do school but Sawyer is being very distracting as usual. Homeschooling with a three year old is not easy. We are trying a new website. Moby Max – A Complete K-8 Math and Language Arts Program. I really like the way it works so far but it has only been a few days so we will see… The girls seem to like it as well. Sometimes I wish we could have stayed with Time4Learning but maybe Moby Max will fit our family better. Every family is different and you have to find what works for you. I posted our schedule some time back and we have recently added a school schedule to our main schedule. Soon I will blog about that so you can see exactly what we are doing, at least for now. Things change and you have to be adaptable and flexible in homeschooling or you will go nuts. It’s difficult because you want the best for your kids and I find myself constantly second-guessing our school decisions. But hey, you can’t go backwards, only forward, so we might as well make the best of it.

Signing off for today, Tina

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