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A couple Saturdays ago we took a little road trip. We drove about 45 minutes to an area in Michoacan that is abundant with thermal waters. Balneario means spa in Spanish. The images are of Balneario Huingo. Agua termales mean thermal waters or hot springs. Although it was cool outside the water was warm! The kids loved it. The spa also had a warm kiddie pool, saunas, a warmer pool for adults, and private rooms where you could adjust the water temperature. We didn’t get to try the private rooms but I did check out the warmer adult water and it felt so good! I wish I could have stayed in it longer but the kids were calling. The spa was very clean and I am sure we will return. There are several spas in this area. In fact, there was one right next door to Balneario Huingo. But we chose Huingo because it is half the price of the other spa. 50 pesos for adults and 40 pesos for children. That’s about $3.78 for adults and $3.02 for children.
In other news… have you ever tried to watch a movie with four kids? Not a kiddie film but a movie with real people and not cartoons? I don’t know why we keep trying to do this. I guess you can call us persistent or maybe just dumb. Let’s just say a two-hour movie easily turns into a three or four-hour movie. Another Mexican discovery… instant coffee is a big deal here! At Wal-Mart they have a three-foot wide section of ground coffee and maybe two or three bags of coffee beans. But… the section of instant coffee is about ten feet wide! So in our kitchen cabinet we have a bag of coffee beans from Costco and a little jar of instant coffee for emergencies.
We are still budgeting and last week Brad bought me a Costco membership. Some things are just cheaper there. Like a large bag of coffee beans, which is 225 pesos at Wal-Mart and 145 pesos at Costco. Besides coffee, we buy diapers, wet wipes, olive oil, laundry detergent, bar soap, and at Costco. I found a tub of unrefined coconut oil yesterday that I am eager to try! We also shop at the depot which is several blocks of multiple warehouses. I say we but actually Brad goes there with a list. The depot is even cheaper than the local traveling markets. And we still buy a few things at Wal-Mart. Milk is cheaper there. It comes in plastic bags and I put it in a container. We go through about 9 liters of milk a week. Maybe more. That is about 2.5 gallons. I can’t wait till the boys are 9 and 10…
This week we started Dave Ramsey’s Envelope System to help us budget. We have tried this in the past but we did not stick with it. Hopefully with much determination we can be successful this time. If we can’t budget we won’t be traveling and we won’t be going back to Kentucky to see our family! What good is living in a foreign country if you can’t travel around and experience new things?! And for my mental sanity I need to go back to Kentucky every now and then. Brad’s parents started us on the envelope system years ago and I know it worked for them. They don’t follow it as strictly now but they still use some of the principles and ideas.
Just a second ago I almost lost all my work on this post! Sawyer came over and pressed a button on my laptop and locked up the entire screen. I had to exit out of Google Chrome and restart my web browser. Thankfully Blogger backed up my work and I was able to continue where I left off. I almost started crying. Silly I know but I am moody right now and I just wanted to finish this post! Yea! It’s done! Signing off, Tina

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    • Tina says:

      It was lots of fun Maureen! The water was so warm :-) We have several balnearios in the area that we want to visit with the kids. Thanks for visiting!

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