Mexico to Belize – The Road Trip

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We woke up at 3 am this morning and left Morelia before 5 am. We are trying to get around Mexico City before all the major traffic hits. The last few days have been crazy. Our friends from Texas arrived at 3am Thursday morning. Yesterday was a whirlwind of last minute packing and finalizing details. Brad and David had to work on our Denali most of the day. (That’s David in the photo.) We were getting terrible gas mileage. A couple of sensors needed replacing and it’s better. Now we are driving in the dark and I am getting sleepy. I guess I will get some Z’s while I can.
It’s midday and as I write we are passing an active volcano. It is near the city of Cholula and it is named Volcan Popocatepetl. I can see the smoke flowing out of the cone. Unfortunately it is so cloudy that I cannot take a good photo of it. Maybe on the way home. Brad is driving and the kids are watching Frozen. If you haven’t seen this new Disney movie you should. Olaf is a hoot.
Tonight we are staying in Palenque, famous for Mayan ruins with a beautiful waterfall nearby. We just passed a dead rattlesnake on the highway. Brad ran over it again to be extra sure it wasn’t suffering :-p 14 hours on the road is enough for one day. The kids have been pretty good but they are at the end of their limit. Can’t wait to get to the hotel and a comfy bed.  Signing off, TinaUpdate 3/31/14: Added some smartphone pics of the Mexican part of our road trip.

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