We are Traveling to Belize!

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Here I am, sitting in bed on my laptop, dreaming about our upcoming trip to Belize. We are leaving on March 28th or 29th and we will be back in Mexico before or on May 1st. Brad is next to me talking on Tango with some friends in New York. I really can’t believe our family of six has been living in Mexico for five months and we will be spending the month of April in Belize. Belize is one of those places I have been dying to go for a long time and in less then two weeks we will be there! Life is amazing. The world is amazing, with so many beautiful places to explore. Enjoy it.
Now that I am in blog mode, after an insane afternoon in Morelia traffic, enjoying this evening of down time, Brad has his breathing machine on and is ready for bed. I will finish tomorrow. Contact lens are coming off and the Kindle is coming on for some bedtime reading… Two days later: I finally made it back to this post. In bed again bothering Brad with the sound of “tap, tap, tap” from my tablet. Okay wait… we just figured out how to turn that noise off. Aka haptic feedback. Now I can blog in peace.
We had to find Thumper, our bunny, a new home several weeks ago. He was destroying our little back yard. I never knew a rabbit could be so destructive. Thumper was eating the plants and digging a tunnel to China. His new owner, a friend, promised us he would not eat him and plans are in the works to find Thumper a girlfriend. When they have babies we will visit. The kids were not overly downheartened to see the bunny go. We promised them a puppy and all hesitation disappeared. It took us some time but about a week ago we found our dog with a friend’s help. The requirements were “small and fluffy”. Our kids named him Cookie. He is a little mutt with black, curly fur. Cookie loves the kids. He sleeps with them every night. When they go outside to play, he barks at the door and waits for them to return. Cookie even puts up with Sawyer’s roughness and hasn’t bit him yet, which I call a good dog. The girls must clean up after him and help with the potty training. Cookie will surely be trained before Sawyer. I still miss my Golden Retriever and my cat, that we had to leave in the States but Cookie is awful cute.
So back to Belize, Cookie will be staying with a friend while we are away. The requirements for a pet to cross the borders are bothersome so this time he stays home. We have some friends from Texas that are staying in our home while we are away. They will keep up the house. We rented a small, furnished house in San Ignacio, Belize for the month of April. It has a large fenced yard for the kids to play outside. There is no TV or internet so that will be enlightening. We will use the coffee shops in town for wifi; to check email, banking, blogging, and contact our family. San Ignacio is in rainforest area near the border of Guatemala. It is across the bridge from Santa Elena, Belize, where there is a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses so we won’t miss our Bible meetings. It is central Belize, as far as North and South go. We want to travel and sightsee so central is good. San Ignacio is cheaper then the ocean but a nice area. Better reviews then Belmopan. Didn’t even consider Belize City. I read and heard it’s kinda yucky.
We are driving to Belize from Morelia. It’s about 1842.6 km and 19 hours and 53 minutes. We have a friend coming with us. David can help us drive and will help us with the kids. We told him we would take him along if he would babysit a few times. There are several things Brad and I want to do without kids. We are leaving in a week and I have a lot of packing to do. I am happy our rental house has a washer so I only have to pack for a week or so. Since we won’t have wifi the girls will be limited on schooling. Back to the faithful pencil and paper that month. It will be good for them. The whole trip will be a good experience for all of us. Fun and educational. Whoo hoo! Yippee! Can’t wait ;-) Signing off, Tina

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