Alexis’s Story – A Letter to My Daughter

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I am sick of being sick! First the stomach bug and now a head cold! Ugh! I am sooo bored! Weird with four kids, I know… I just want to get out of this house! I am not a homebody even though we homeschool… I like to go and do! Sorry if I am complaining. This is definitely a “me” paragraph. Now to share something beautiful…

I wrote this a few years ago and put it in an envelope for our firstborn daughter. I let her read it first and she loved it. Now it is tucked away in our safe with our birth certificates, marriage license, and wills. I plan on doing the same with our other children. Caution: It’s long. So if you don’t like baby stories, stop now ;-)

“When I fell in love with your Dad I knew one day I wanted to have children with him. I could not help but wonder what our kids would look like and what they would be like. I waited for you because Dad and I were young when we married. We needed to grow up and in many ways we are still growing. After 5 years we thought “Let’s do it. Let’s have a baby.” And you came into our life. You found a place in our hearts and filled it with a new kind of love. There is nothing so wonderful as being a parent.

I was so happy to be pregnant with you. It was so easy and wonderful. I was only about 2 weeks pregnant when I found out. I remember your kicks, rolls, and hiccups as you grew in my belly. It was very exciting. Sometimes Moms get sick to their stomach when they are pregnant. I never got sick with you. I felt great. I wanted to eat oranges every day so I think you liked them. You really liked ice cream too! I gained over 60 pounds with you!

I found out I was pregnant on the night that Amanda and Quinn told us they were pregnant with Jasmine. We were all excited that our babies would grow up together. And look! You and Jasmine are best friends. I took 3 tests and a test at the doctor’s office to make sure I was really pregnant. The tests check your pee to find out if your body is making a baby. Kinda gross but that is how it works. All the tests were positive. We were having a baby!

I knew I wanted to have you naturally, without any pain medicine. That is how Busha had me so I knew I could do it with you. Some friends thought the doctors would have to cut my belly to get you out because I was so thin. That is called a c-section. But I was pretty sure that we would be just fine doing it the normal way and I was right.

We took classes and I read books about having a baby. Even Dad read a book about helping me give birth. I tried to eat good food and I took my vitamins every day to help you be healthy. I even switched from white bread to whole wheat. I love white bread! When we found out you were a girl we were even more excited to meet you and see you. We already had your name picked out. I could not wait to dress you in little girl clothes and take lots of pictures. You were a photo baby right from the beginning.

The night before you were born Dad and I went to the yearly pioneer meeting. Then we went out to eat with the circuit and district overseers and your Uncle Chad and Aunt Misty. My belly was very big and I was very tired. The traveling brothers teased me about going into labor after dinner. They were right! 5 days before your due date, which is when the doctors predict you will be born, I started having labor pains. It was the middle of the night. After a while I could not rest and I went downstairs so I would not wake up your Dad. I wanted to stay home as long as possible before going to the hospital. The pains got stronger and stronger until Dad woke up and heard me moaning. He called our Doula, the lady that helped me to be calm during your birth. She came to the house and we all went to the hospital with Mamaw Becky.

We had to drive an hour to the hospital and I had to stop at a gas station and pee on the way. I could not hold it! When we got to the hospital I was almost ready to have you. You were born an hour after we arrived. It hurt but it was worth it. Dad and our Doula helped me to breath and relax. I needed to focus on opening my body so you could come out! I think it worked. I pushed very hard and there you were. Greeting the world. I felt wonderful.

You were very calm and quiet. You had lots of dark hair and you were wide awake. Your eyes were dark. Over the months they changed from dark to blue to grey and finally they settled on hazel brown like mine. Your Dad cut the cord that connected you to me. That is now your belly button. Then I held you and I was in awe at how perfect you were. Finally the nurses washed and weighed you. You were 6 pounds and 13 ounces. You loved being cuddled and nursing. The ladies at the hospital helped me learn to feed you properly. You breast-fed till you were 12 months and then you were ready to move on!

Your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all came to see you. We missed the assembly that weekend because you were born Saturday morning. Many friends came to see you after the assembly. Even little Jasmine. She was four weeks and you were one day and you girls had your first picture together. Daddy stayed with us at the hospital. He changed diapers and showed you off to everyone.

You were a pioneer baby from the beginning. You were 5 days old when you went in service the first time. You even got to go with us to the pioneer meeting the following year because I was still nursing you. You started sleeping thru the night at 6 weeks. You were happy and calm. You liked to play by yourself for long periods which amazed us. You loved your swing and watching the fish in our aquarium. You always fell asleep in that swing. You started walking at 11 months and your first word was Dada.

It was easy till you were about 18 months. Then parenting became harder. I think part of it was because I was pregnant with your sister and you knew something was different. Also you were walking, learning, and becoming independent. We didn’t know how to take care of you. We had to learn and we are still learning. We make lots of mistakes and we have to say we are sorry. But we love you very much and we will always keep trying to be good parents.

I want you to love life, be happy, smile, and laugh, every day. I want you to know that Jehovah loves you and will always take care of you if you let him. Jehovah can be your best friend and that is why Daddy prays with you every possible night. We can always talk to God and he will forever be there. I want you to know that God is real and we can see him all around us. In the beautiful flowers and cute animals. In the yummy food we eat and in the warmth we feel when the sun touches our skin. And most of all we can see Jehovah in the eyes of our friends and family when they give us their love. Never forget the paradise Jehovah promises us. The paradise is our happily ever after.

Never forget you are beautiful. You are a dancer and a singer. You are wicked smart and very helpful. You are important. You are special and I love you. I am very proud of you. You are my daughter and I think you are as perfect as perfect gets in this crazy life. Never forget your story.

Love Mom”

And life goes on… signing off, Tina

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