Our Son Fell Through Our Roof - Life in Mexico

Our Son Fell Through Our Roof – Life in Mexico with Kids!

Life in Mexico can include hospital visits… like the time last year when my son managed to fall through a skylight on the garage roof. One minute my four kids and I were in the guest room talking to my mom-in-law and the next minute I hear Sawyer, our six-year-old, crying in the kitchen. He was so fast that we didn’t even notice him leave the room and two minutes later he is hurt!

Our Son Fell Through Our Roof - Life in Mexico

What Should We Do?

We assumed that he had fallen off the kitchen counter while trying to get something out of the cabinets. It was hard to get the exact details from Sawyer between his tears but there were streaks of blood on the counter and the floor, and his head was bleeding. We have granite counter tops and tile floors which could explain the deep cut and bruise on his forehead.

I was worried about his head… he has bumped it so many times… so I called my husband asking him, “What should I do?” Brad was at a short Bible meeting not far from home and he came back to check on our son. We decided that Brad would finish his Bible meeting and I would take Sawyer to the hospital to have his forehead stitched up.

On his way out the door, Brad noticed the skylight in the garage was broken, like something had fallen through it. There were pieces of the skylight on the floor around the trailer we have parked in the garage. About the same time, I noticed that Sawyer had scraps and bruises on his back and stomach. This was more than a fall from the kitchen counter!

Going to The Hospital

Brad realized this at the same time and we both decided to take Sawyer to Hospital Civil de Uruapan. Although Sawyer still doesn’t remember it, he fell through our garage roof skylight and landed on, or near, the trailer. We think he bounced off some tires we had in the trailer and we are very grateful they were there. If it wasn’t for the tires his fall could have been more severe.

We took Sawyer to the same hospital that helped me a few months before when I suffered from kidney stones.  It is farther from us than other hospitals but it is less costly and we were happy with the care I received so we decided to take Sawyer to the same place.

They took us back right away and the doctor spoke a little English. Between that and our broken Spanish, we were able to explain what we thought happened. They took an x-ray of Sawyer’s skull and fortunately there were no fractures. He showed no signs of a concussion as well. Then they poked and prodded him to see if he had broken anything but he didn’t complain and he could move without pain. Last they cleaned his wounds and stitched up his forehead.

Our Son Fell Through Our Roof - Life in Mexico
His x-ray came back fine. Thank goodness for hard heads!


The doctor gave us a prescription for Posipen, an antibiotic, for Sawyer’s cuts and scraps. And a prescription for Motrin for swelling and pain. There is a pharmacy attached to this hospital which is very convenient and the prices are reasonable too. We went home and monitored Sawyer that evening. By the next morning, he was up and running around as usual.

How Did This Happen?

Here is where you are wondering “How did the kid get on the garage roof?” Well, it’s not uncommon for roofs in Mexico to be accessible. Sometimes they use them as patios and often the roofs hold the gas and water tanks. Most times they are flat. Our bedroom window opens up directly to the roof over the garage. Later Sawyer told us that he wanted to talk to the boys next door so he went on our roof to see if they were home. From our roof, you can see into our neighbor’s yard. Somehow he ended up falling through the skylight in the process.

I am very thankful that Sawyer was not hurt further from his fall. Brad measured it at about 15 feet or 4.6 meters. I swear, this boy gets more bumps on his forehead than I can count! My girls are not accident prone so this is new to me. This is the same boy who swallowed glass when he was 18-months-old. Sawyer is going to give me a heart attack for sure! I hope Tristan is a bit more cautious. We talked with Sawyer about the dangers of playing on the roof and hopefully he won’t try it again.

How Much Did the Hospital Cost?

In conclusion, I want to share our hospital costs with you for reference. I planned on doing this when I had my kidney stones but never got around to it. All I can say is that my kidney stones were just as cheap as Sawyer’s fall. Here’s the rundown using the exchange rate for today, April 28th, even though I think the exchange was better for the American dollar when this happened in November 2016.

Exchange Rate: 18.82 pesos to 1 USD

X-ray – 320 pesos or 17 USD – Surprising we were able to keep this and bring it home!
Stitches – 200 pesos or 10.63 USD
Posipen – 332 pesos or 17.64 USD – Antibiotic
Motrin – 120 pesos or 6.38 USD
Miscellaneous – 112 pesos or $5.95 USD – This includes cleaning supplies, topical medicine, and a shot to numb his forehead.

The total is 1084 pesos or 57.60 USD. I can’t image what this would have cost in the US… another part of our life in Mexico that I love… the price of medical care! Signing off, Tina

Our Son Fell Through Our Roof - Life in Mexico
Receipts from Sawyer’s medical care for his fall through the roof.
About the author
I live in Mexico with my hubby and four kiddos. I keep busy with homeschooling, traveling, and my Bible ministry. I love photography and writing, so I blog. My family is a little nutty but nutty is never boring and always an adventure. And I love adventure!


  1. Tina I can only imagine!!! Almost gave me a heart attack just reading about it…LOL. Anyways thank Jehovah that all is well, and he is back to being an active young boy.

  2. Thanks for the insight on the hospital there in Uruapan, sounds like pretty good medical care at a fantastic price. I am pretty sure the cost of your whole hospital visit was less than the cost of a dose of Motrin if given at a hospital here in the states. Glad your son was o.k.

  3. I’m happy to hear Sawyer is fine and no broken bones. God is good! I’m new to reading your adventures and so glad I came across your messages. I’ visited Mexico Michocan a few month ago in a small town called Catalina, I fell in Love with everything about Mexico, so I have decided to retire to Mexico in Nine years, I’m getting more and more excited about returning in December to look at properties. I was worried about medical , but now I feel much better. Thanks for the share.

  4. Kids will be kids! Thank God your son is ok!
    For people worrying about health care in Mexico, I have to say it’s actually pretty good. My dad was recently hospitalized because his kidneys are not doing well on account of his diabetes. He was in there for 3 days, we had to hire an ambulance, he received multiple doses of specialized medication and oxygen, he was hooked up to monitors, and was on round-the-clock medical supervision. He has medical insurance, and we didn’t have to fight the company to cover the costs. We only ended up paying $400 pesos ($21.25 USD) as a deductible. Not bad at all.

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