Traveling Home from Belize to Mexico

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Near Belize Coast by Altena-Q via DeviantArt

I cannot express the happiness I felt when we crossed the border into Mexico last night! Brad felt the same way. I guess we can officially say that Morelia, Mexico is our home now, because that is where our heart is. I don’t know if we will live there permanently but we are definitely comfortable in Morelia right now.  We both exhaled a sign of relief when we left immigration and I am glad we have six months of normalcy before we travel to the US in October.

Belize was full of pretty sights and kind people but I don’t think it’s as pretty as Mexico and not nearly as vast and diverse. I did not like speaking English full time. I really enjoy the Spanish language even if I am not fluent. I did not like paying US prices in a country that doesn’t offer much in the form of education, shopping stores, road maintenance,  housing, and more. I can think of a few other ways Belize is lacking. I know these are only my opinions but for those of you wanting out of wherever you are, I am giving you something to consider before choosing Belize as your new home. I think in some ways Belize is trying to be too much like the US but without much to offer. Belize has beauty but beauty can be found in many places.

Mexico is less expensive for sure. We paid $5.50 USD for terrible gas in Belize and in Mexico we pay under $4 USD. ( Ouch. We just passed a bad accident. The semi was flipped and the cab was crushed. About twenty people were helping. I wonder if he survived… ) Back to gas prices, when you have a 30 gallon tank that is a big difference in price! The cost of our rent for the month of April was ridiculous as well.  $500 for a cabin in need of upkeep and a good cleaning. In Morelia we live in a nice home in a gated community with a pool for $650. I know that short term rentals are more costly as well as furnished rentals but I still wasn’t impressed.

Perhaps a month of sickness and car trouble has soured my viewpoint of our Belize experience. But you can’t change the Belizean heat and humidity or the cost of Belize living. So that is that. We will not be moving to Belize. Although the friends we met at the local Kingdom Hall were lovely, we did not feel drawn to be of help in our Bible ministry there. Honestly I wish we had more time in the ministry during our visit but heat, sickness, and car trouble kept us home. Heat is something we have to keep a close eye on with Brad’s brain injury. If he gets over heated or dehydrated his brain starts to turn off, so to speak. We are not exactly sure what happens during these episodes but they are not pleasant and need to be avoided. That is the nice thing about Morelia’s mountain temperatures. It is better for Brad’s health.

I am still behind on photo blogs for our time in Belize. I will keep posting till I am completely caught up. Here are a few tips for anyone who intends to travel to San Ignacio area: Call Ginny at Rainforest Reality for a short term rental. She is sweet, knowledgeable,  and very helpful. You can find her website online. Visit Hode’s for great wifi and a nice playground for the kiddies. Try Flayva’s for their smoothies and nachos. Then go next door and buy homemade Gelato. Yummmm. Go to Mincho’s Fast Food for cheap, good food and the best natural juices. Use Three Flags in Santa Elena, for your groceries. They have a large selection. Call Carlos the Caveman to take his ATM tour. You won’t be disappointed. Visit Tikal and Caracol on your own. Save your money. No need for a tour. Despite everything I have just written, Belize was a grand adventure with plenty of new experiences. Some parts of our visit were amazing and irreplaceable. I am glad we had five weeks to explore the country and broaden our horizons.  Signing off in Cancun, Mexico, whoo hoo, yee haw, Tina ;-)

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