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3 Foolproof Strategies for Teaching Spanish to Children with ADHD

3 Foolproof Strategies for Teaching Spanish to Children with ADHD

Thank you to Matthew Dancis for this guest post on teaching Spanish to children with ADHD. We are learning Spanish and our family has ADHD so this article fits Los Gringos Locos perfectly! Matt’s strategies are fantastic and made me reconsider our learning process. I am sure you will benefit as well! – Tina Teaching Spanish […]

Be Confident! You Can Be Bilingual!

Be Confident! You Can Be Bilingual!

Okay so maybe I am not officially bilingual but I am on my way there! Our family of six is trying to conquer Spanish. Why? Being Bilingual, Learning Spanish First, we live in Mexico. We need to learn the language as residents of this country. Second, being bilingual is good for you. I complete a brain […]

Bible Ministry Adventures #2


Saturday morning is time for family Bible ministry. It’s a routine so everyone is use to it. This Saturday, Brad and Alexis were not feeling well so they stayed home with Tristan. I went out with my middle two kiddies, Taylor and Sawyer. We had a great morning working with our friends. Keep reading to […]

Highway Robbery in Mexico


Maybe it wasn’t exactly highway robbery but we were definitely swindled. It was a bad business transaction gone awry. Our first yucky experience as foreigners with no leg to stand on. All we needed were two new tires for our truck. We now have four new tires for our truck. Two that are the wrong […]

Learning To Homeschool


Homeschool is not easy but it can be enjoyable. At first we were using a website called Time4Learning. It has a full curriculum for elementary and high school. It is not accredited but we decided that wasn’t important to us. Accreditation means that the school has been evaluated for quality assurance and that the school meets […]

Chicken Pox in Mexico


Guess what? The kids have chicken pox. The older three have been vaccinated so they don’t have it too bad. A person can still get it after the vaccine but the effects are milder. Tristan has not had that vaccine yet. He has to be a little older. So he has more polka-dots then the […]