Chicken Pox in Mexico

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Guess what? The kids have chicken pox. The older three have been vaccinated so they don’t have it too bad. A person can still get it after the vaccine but the effects are milder. Tristan has not had that vaccine yet. He has to be a little older. So he has more polka-dots then the others. I call him Spotty. Poor baby. I am a little worried but Chicken Pox isn’t one of the more evil viruses so I guess he will be fine. I had Chicken Pox and Scarlet Fever as a child. At the same time. It was awful.

We took the kids to a doctor’s office about a mile or two from our house. Our friend Bill sees him and do do a few other friends. He used to work at the best hospital in Morelia, Star Medica. All the rich people go there and the prices are still cheap compared to U.S. The doctor charged us 50 pesos or $3.79 to see all four kids. Brad only took Tristan in because he is the worst and I waited in the car. Then the doctor actually walked out to our truck and got inside and looked at the other three. I don’t know many doctors in the States like that. The only problem is that he speaks only Spanish. But we have friends that can go with us to translate and next time I think we will just take a dictionary. I keep one in the truck.

I have learned that my Spanish is terrible. I just can’t put the sentences together correctly. I know quite a few words but the grammar part is killing me. Brad is doing excellent. I just read an article online Speaking 2 languages can help keep dementia at bay. This is great for Brad since he is more likely to develop Dementia or Alzheimer’s due to his past brain injury. I am glad at least one of us can communicate the basics. I really need to start using Duolingo or Rosetta Stone. I go to the store and the clerk asks me a question and my brain goes “blah”. It’s not pretty but so far everyone is super nice about it.

Here’s a funny story. Totally unrelated to the above but great blog material. We were in our Bible ministry the other day and we met at a different Kingdom Hall then our regular one to divide into groups. I was the last one to use the restroom before we left and when I came out the gate was locked. I could not get out. The lock needed a key on both sides. Brad was down the street in the truck so I had to wait for him to wonder where I was to come check on me. When he found me he called a friend in another car group who came by to unlock the gate and let me out. I was calm, said a little prayer, and rested on the steps while we waited. I was locked inside the gate for maybe a half hour. Next time I will make sure to announce to everyone, “I am using the restroom. Don’t lock me inside!” You can see my little blue prison below. Till next time!

Kingdom Hall – The sign language equipment was recently stolen so they put up wire fencing with barbed wire on top. Not pretty but effective.
Here you have to walk down a few steps to enter the meeting room. It is a very small hall.
The inside of this small blue Kingdom Hall getting ready for our Bible ministry.

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