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“He is Upsetting Some of the Customers” – Goodwill and My Crying Child

He is Upsetting Some of the Customers Goodwill and My Crying Child

Kids cry. Some kids throw temper tantrums. I know it, you know it, it’s a fact of life. My kids are probably a bit louder than most kids. I say this because I know my kids are hyper, independent, stubborn, and mischievous little monkeys. They don’t have a mild bone in their bodies, and that […]

Not the Ideal Housewife or Mom


It’s time for an honest post. I write from the heart and I write the truth. But still don’t we tend to use social media to our advantage? Whether it’s blogging, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever else is the current fad, we post happy thoughts, accomplishments, proud moments, and other stuff  that solicits smiles and laughs. […]