We Bought a Pet Rabbit!

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This is not our rabbit or our cat. Just an awesome photo via Pixabay.

We bought a pet rabbit at the pet store. Mexico has rabbits too ;-) He is a Chocolate Rex. His fur is short but very soft. We had two rabbits a few years ago in Kentucky but we didn’t keep them long. They proved to be more then I could handle at the time due to a surprise pregnancy and then a surprise miscarriage. We have always had pets but we had to rehome our dog and cat when we moved to Mexico. The kids missed their animals and I did too, so Brad said, “Let’s get a pet rabbit.” The girls named him Thumper and he has the reign of the backyard. Our backyard is small and completely enclosed so I would think it would be a little paradise for him compared to the pet shop cage.

The kids are caring for him and he is scared out of his wits because of all the love and attention he is receiving. Thumper is five months old and can live to 8 years plus. Hopefully he will adapt to our children and the kids will learn to handle him with care. He was the friendliest of the bunch at the pet shop and I thought that was a good sign. We are reading a book on pet rabbit care before bedtime to learn more about Thumper. We even bought him a little pet rabbit leash. They say the Rex is a smart breed and can learn to come when called by name. We will see. Wish us well on our pet rabbit adventure! Signing off, Tina

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