We Are Moving to Uruapan, Michoacan – Pros vs Cons

We Are Moving to Uruapan, Michoacan - Pros vs Cons
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Can you tell by my title how incredibly happy I am about moving to Uruapan? It will be the third time in 18 months. Moving to Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico in 2013 was a great decision for our family. One that we took years to make. Deciding to take the leap removed a huge weight from our shoulders. I don’t regret moving to Mexico. Then six months ago we decided to lower our Mexican cost-of-living and move into a new home in the same city. Now we are moving again, moving to Uruapan a new city that is a little over an hour further south into Mexico. I think that this is going to be a good move for our family but as always in life there are pros and cons to everything. I have also officially decided that moving three times in 18 months is too much.

We Are Moving to Uruapan, Michoacan - Pros vs Cons

Moving to Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico – The Cons

  • I am tired. Being a mom of four, trying to homeschool, be regular in my Bible ministry, and keep up with my blog, (which is a combination of loves), can be rather exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Add in a move to a new home, in a new city, and things get crazy. I don’t mind moving every few years or so. Not three times in 18 months. Oh, I already said that…
  • We love this house, the one we finally decided on after viewing about a dozen or more homes and finding nothing. It is a beautiful, spacious home and I don’t want to leave it. I wish we could pick up the entire property and just take it with us to Uruapan.
  • I am nervous about being accepted and appreciated by new friends. I never had this feeling before. It is a little scary. I simply hope that our family is loved for who we are and that our good qualities will shine and our differences will be overlooked.
  • We will miss Morelia. It is a beautiful city and a jewel of Mexico. I will especially miss the downtown area with all it’s lovely, Mexican architecture. Our kids will miss the zoo and the nearby hot springs. At least Uruapan is not too far away. We should be able to make day trips to Morelia whenever we feel like it.
  • I don’t want to leave certain comforts like Costco. Costco is great for finding Stateside stuff that is rare in Mexico. I am also going to greatly miss my awesome massage therapist, Maria. I may have to make the drive once a month just so I can fall asleep on her massage table while she melts my stress away.
  • Our kids. Oh boy, this is a big one. Brad keeps saying that kids are resilient but moving is still tough for them, especially when they are dealing with ADHD and in the preteen years. Even Sawyer, our four-year-old, needs stability. Please let this move be a smooth transition…
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Moving to Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico – The Pros

  • Uruapan has trees. The mountains are covered with trees. The streets are lined with trees. The parks are full of trees. I didn’t realize how much I missed trees. It will be nice to live in a city with trees.
  • Uruapan is about a third or a quarter the size of Morelia, but they still have a mall, Wal-mart, Suburbia, Mega, Office Depot, and Starbucks. I will be happy to be able to drive across town in twenty minutes versus an hour in Morelia.
  • The English Bible group in Uruapan needs support so they can become a congregation. We had the privilege of helping a Spanish group become a congregation in Kentucky and it will be a privilege to help Uruapan as well. The Kingdom Hall we meet at for our Bible meetings is lovely. It is located on a dead-end street in a quiet neighborhood.
  • The Bible meeting on Friday night is with a Spanish congregation. The Spanish have plenty of kids and our four children are already making friends and having fun. This will be good for them will help them improve their Spanish.
  • We are closer to the Pacific ocean. I think we might actually be able to take day trips to the beach. It should be only about two to three hours’ drive. I love water so I am super excited about this.
  • Uruapan is warmer than Morelia year around. Not too much but probably about five to ten degrees. I did not want to move to Mexico to be cold but extreme heat is not good for Brad’s health. Uruapan should be a good middle-ground for pretty weather.
  • We found a super nice house to rent at a fair price. There are a few things that we are giving up but there are also a few things we are gaining. Pictures coming soon!

Being positive, I am going to say that the pros outweigh the cons. This will simply be another adventure for the Ernspikers. Today is Monday and we are moving to Uruapan on Wednesday. It is almost 3 in the afternoon and I am still in bed. What a terrible time to be sick! I think I ate some bad food. You gotta watch those roadside restaurants… So far the rest of the family is fine and I hope it stays that way. Brad and the girls are being the best husband and daughters. They are packing, cleaning, and watching the boys while I rest. Only two crazy things happened today. Sawyer swallowed a penny and Tristan clogged the bathroom sink allowing it to overflow and cover the floor with water. It could be worse. I am going to attempt to get out of bed now…. my next post will be coming from Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico, possibly later this week. Signing off, Tina

Originally published March 2, 2015

42 thoughts on “We Are Moving to Uruapan, Michoacan – Pros vs Cons

      • Tina Marie Ernspiker says:

        Hi Mary, we are still around :-) We have been living in Mexico for almost six years now and we still love it here :-) I haven’t written a new post for a few months because I have busy with life but I intend to continue writing and sharing my photography. Have a wonderful week and thanks for the comment!

    • Tina says:

      Thanks! I really hope we are able to spend a few years in this home! Our landlord has the option to raise the rent in a year and I hope that she chooses not to :-)

  1. LindseyLoo says:

    So excited for you Tina! Wish we could visit! The trees sound beautiful. I wonder how much is rent…? Is it much easier there than the U.S. money wise?

  2. Shar-ann Simpson says:

    I agree moving so often is stressful but we have to sometimes. I hope that everything goes well with your move and it will work out better there for you and your family. Brightside too your are paying less for a house to rent then we are for a small two bedroom apartment.
    I can’t wait to see pictures.

    • Tina says:

      Thanks Shar-ann. The price for rent is a third of State prices here in Southern Mexico. I love it of course! I will post pics soon :-)

  3. Sarah says:

    Tina I love your pros and cons. Every move has its ups and downs. I hope everything goes smoothly and you’re able to settle quickly into your new home and congregation. Much love.

  4. Catalina says:

    Hi Tina. We are from Northeast Iowa and are planning a move to Morelia very soon. I’ve never lived anywhere else and am super nervous and super excited. I have no idea what to expect. I also have four kids with my husband and I need serious advice about the move. Please help! & God bless :)

  5. Seychellesmama says:

    Wow Tina 3 times in 18 months that is a lot of work!! I really hope you are happy in your new home. The new town does sound really lovely, and so nice that you will get to be a big help in your new church too! Will be nice to know you are making a difference somewhere new, you will be sure to make lots of new friends that way!
    I hope the kids settle in quickly its wonderful that they have already started to make new friends!
    I think you have moved now?! Hope it has gone smoothly and there has been no major stresses for you guys!
    Thank you so much for sharing with #myexpatfamily i always enjoy your posts!

    • Tina says:

      I do love our new home! Kids are loving the neighborhood. They can ride their bikes and play at the park. They have already made friends :-)

  6. Claire Janvary says:

    Stumbled across your blog ! My husband and I spent almost 8 years in Mexico English and our last year was in Uruapan! You will love the friends there, we miss them so much. We moved in May last year back to the U.S. to care for my parents. Please give our love to all of them. Claire and Val Janvary

    • Tina says:

      I hope your parents are doing well Claire. I will definitely try to mention your name. Hopefully I won’t forget. We are making some great friends here.

  7. Eline @ Pasta & Patchwork says:

    I really get all the conflicting feelings that come with moving… After moving 14 times in the space of 15 I’ve decided to just. stay. put. Our current flat is way too small though, so I know there will be a move coming up soon. I really hope that, when it happens, I will manage to see the positives too! Good luck with it all and I hope you settle into your new home well x

  8. Kathryn says:

    Hi Tina! I also stumbled across your blog researching the expat situation in Uruapan. I’m considering moving my family there from Ohio. My husband is from Guerrero, and I am not fond of the heat and humidity. Violence is also a big issue where he is from. We spent a couple of days in Uruapan last year while vacationing in Mexico and really loved the landscape, the national park, and the cooler climate. We haven’t spent a lot of time there, but it seemed like a location in which we could envision our family living happily. I’m so glad to hear you are loving your new home and that you and your children are making friends! Are you feeling safe in your new town? Do you feel welcomed? Or, out of place? My family is from a rather small town in Ohio, perhaps smaller than Uruapan. I’m ready for the adventure, but the kids are nervous because of the bad image that Mexico has for violence. Can you set my mind at ease, or do you think it would be a bad move? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

  9. Rich says:

    Nice blog,

    I’m strongly considering moving to Uruapan from Chapala, Jalisco.
    Climate, costs, size and most other factors seem right, but talking with someone who actually lives there would be invaluable.

    Hablo espanol. No perfectamente pero es possible a commicar sin problemas.

    • Tina Marie Ernspiker says:

      I speak a bit of Spanish too but my native language is English so let’s stick with that ;-) I still have so much to learn in Spanish!

      Thanks for reading! We love Uruapan. It is a nice size city, but not too big like Morelia. We have a small mall, a theater, Wal-Mart, and Sam’s Club. Climate is nice between 60 and 80 on most days. We have a rainy season but the rain isn’t usually all day. Surrounding mountains are beautiful! Trees are gorgeous. Cost is similar to Morelia. We rent a 4 bedroom, 5 bath, with large rooms in a nice neighborhood for $7500 pesos a month. From what I hear, Uruapan and Morelia are more expensive then most of Mexico. But being from the States we consider our rent to be pretty reasonable. Hope this helps. Stay-tuned to the blog. I will be posting photos of Uruapan and our new digs soon.

  10. Emery Saulnier says:

    I’m living on the outskirts of Cuernavaca and the tempatures are to hot for.I do better in 22 Celsius or cooler.I don’t speak enough Spanish yetto get by but slowly learning. I don’t know anybody else ver there.I’m retired and alone.I came here from New Brunswick Canada about 2 months ago.I wonder if Uruapan would be good for me.Thinking of moving there.

    • Tina Marie Ernspiker says:

      We have some American friends that moved to Michoacan because Cuernavaca was too hot for them. There are a few Canadian couples that live here in Uruapan as well. We like it. It is big enough for a Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club but not too big to get around. Mountains are beautiful. Temperature stays between 50 and 80 degrees. Come for a visit and see if you like it. There is a Holiday Inn here on the outskirts of town. Wish you the best!

  11. Jenna Hoppkins says:

    Well pros really sound compelling. And I always start to drool when ever I hear about trees and greenery, I just love these things. I hope someday I’ll too have a chance to live in this type of environment. And the pictures, they are really beautiful!

  12. don says:

    I found your blog while checking out Michoacan. I am an habitual Mexico researcher looking for the ideal place. I’m still in Texas waiting to make up my mind. My idea of shangri-la is enough altitude for a temperate climate to live in within a reasonable distance to the beach. Please tell me I have found it. On paper, Uruapan looks very good. It would be so nice to e-mail with someone who is on the ground who can fill in some of the blanks. I promise not to take up a lot of your time. Keep up the good work!

  13. Javed says:

    Hi Tina,
    Is it true that there are problems in Morelia because of the drug cartels. Did you all observed or heard anything on this issue

    • Tina Marie Ernspiker says:

      The cartel is active in Michoacan, the state we live in. That included Morelia and Uruapan. However, we have never had any problems with them ourselves. We practice keeping our noses clean and minding our own business. Mexico has dangers but so does everywhere else. Look at all the mass shootings in the US :-( “Time and unforeseen occurrences” befall us all in this crazy world! It’s good to be cautious wherever we live :-)

  14. April Reyes says:

    Hello, I happened upon your blog while looking into Michoacan. We are in Texas and have been here all our lives. My husband really wants us to move to Michoacan within the next year or so. I am a little hesitant only because it’s unfamiliar territory. I know that there is crime everywhere but of course the media is trying to convince us that Mexico is a very dangerous place to be (especially Michoacan). I’ve read some of your blogs and you’ve addressed this issue and I’m very grateful for the inside info. What steps do you suggest we begin taking in order to make our transition as enjoyable and efficient as possible? We are a Christian family of 6 . We have 4 boys ages 1-20. We will be working on getting all of our passports over the next couple of months and are hoping to visit soon. I’d love to have a small network of people there who we can communicate in English with but also advise us in what to do, where to go, laws of the land, etc. Thank you for any info you may be able to provide.

    • Tina Marie Ernspiker says:

      Hi April! I am sorry I didn’t reply sooner but we had to move to a new house in Uruapan last month so things have been very crazy here! As far as steps, getting your passports is a good first step. And doing all the Internet research possible is a good second step!

      There are also a ton of Facebook groups you can join about life in Mexico, moving to Mexico, and just, Mexico!

      As far as info, reading my Mexico stories on the blog may be helpful. And if you have any specific questions, please send me an email and I will try to answer them the best way I can :-) Wish you well on this grand journey!

    • Tina Marie Ernspiker says:

      Hi Viviana! According to my records, you are already a subscriber to our email list which means you will receive all the latest posts. Thanks for reading and if you have any specific questions please send me an email. Wish you the best! Tina

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