Belize – It’s Been Rough!

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We are seeing many new and beautiful sights in Belize. I hate to complain and be a bummer but despite the good, this has not been the best trip. Besides sickness and heat we have had a lot of car trouble. We just picked up the truck yesterday after two days in the shop and now it’s back there again. New front shocks, a new battery, and electrical problems are just a few of the things repaired. Or needing repair. The kids and I have been waiting at a local restaurant/park for three hours waiting on Brad to return with the truck. Oh wow! Here they are!

It’s late afternoon and I can say that the day has improved. We think the truck is fixed. We went to the bread store and the meat store and stocked up on food. I was able to find Sawyer’s Huggies Pull-Ups at Three Flags grocery store in Santa Elena and that has practically made my day. Sometimes it’s the small things in a mom’s life. Having a good diaper for a three year old’s poopoo is a big deal. Especially when he had diarrhea for the past week… Today is his first good day. Sawyer has been acting fine and eating and drinking well, so we put off the doctor. We are pretty sure it was a bug and we hope it finally exited his system.

Alexis is broken out in a rash. It reminds me of poison ivy. The pharmacist said it could be a tree with green leaves and white flowers. All you have to do is stand under it and the pollen can break you out. Alexis has always had sensitive skin and we have a few trees in our yard fitting that description. We made it to the pharmacy and bought her a topical steriod because she is so uncomfortable and the oral antihistamine we are giving her is working slowly. That was another thing accomplished today.

The plan is to visit the beach tomorrow.  Not exactly sure which one. It’s a two hour drive but the kids are waking us up at the crack of dawn so we will have plenty of time to enjoy the day. Right now we are driving home. The roads have tons of speed bumps just like Mexico. Sometimes they sneak up on you and sometimes they are unmarked. It’s ridiculous. I guess it is because many people walk along the road in the small villages dotting the highways. We are getting ready to cross the bridge from Santa Elena to San Ignacio. There are two bridges that connect these little towns. They are both one way.  The first day we arrived Brad almost crossed the wrong direction. It’s not well marked but a man helped us find the right bridge. We talked with a couple from Ohio yesterday and they did the same thing. We are not alone :-) Signing off in Belize, Tina

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow, day 15 already! crazy how time flys, I remember when you said 30 days to me and I thought wow! I can’t even imagine a vacation for that long! how awesome! But your month is flying by. Sorry it hasn’t been all giggles and smiles. Sounds like you’ve had many challanges. Hope your next half goes more smooth. Have fun!! the beach sounds awesome!! Can’t wait to hear more. love from the bakers.

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