5 Things I Learned About Homeschooling

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We have been homeschooling for two years. Despite the short time, I have learned many things as a homeschooling mom of four. Some are good and some not so good. Either way I am glad to learn as it can improve our homeschooling if we take the knowledge and make the best of it. Homeschooling is not easy but you can do it. Take your time and enjoy your kids. Learn from people like me who are willing to share the lessons learned :-)


Every child is different.

Not only in looks and personality but in their learning style too! What is a learning style? Simply put, it is the way you learn. What is your child’s learning style? Scholastic has a very simple test that parents can take or your child can take an 24 question test at Edutopia. Why is this important to know? Once you know your child’s learning style you can tailor their education to fit their needs. It will help you with any frustration you may have when your child hits a roadblock. Perhaps your kid needs something different to get past the obstacle.

It’s okay to change curriculum.

We have tried a few different things with our girls. We started with Time4Learning and now we are using MobyMax. Both of these online curriculum sources are great but Moby Max is cheaper and it’s easier to monitor your child’s progress. Use the curriculum that works best for your family. Don’t worry about making changes. It may take you a little while to figure out the best homeschooling path. That is okay. What is important is the path that takes your child to a happy and responsible adult life.

I will never be a teacher.

I don’t like the job. I know teaching is a big part of parenting so maybe I should get a parent-fail award for this. Bring it on. I can’t be great at everything. It’s the reading, writing, and math part that I especially can not stand. I am impatient and I find it boring. That is why we use online programs that don’t require much from me. Our kids only need help occasionally and that I can handle. A curriculum that I have to teach 100% is not for our family. Brad is also a big help with math. I practically refuse to help with math. I tell the girls to wait for Dad ;-)

We like unschooling.

What is unschooling? Unschooling is a homeschooling style where children learn through natural life experiences. We are not extreme. Our kids learn reading, writing, and math as I stated earlier. However for social studies, science, and everything else, we are unschoolers. Our kids learn through play, travel, chores, our Bible ministry, and the Internet. I knew we were eclectic homeschoolers but I never considered unschooling. What style of homeschooling do you prefer? What you like now may change later, and that is just fine.

My girls don’t need medication to learn.

Both of my girls have been diagnosed with ADHD. When they were in public school they had to be on medication to stay in school and learn. In a classroom of 30 kids, their teachers could not give them enough attention to help them stay focused on their task at hand. The medicine worked and I don’t regret it but I am glad that we do not have to give them medication to homeschool. They are healthy, happy kids. Not the skinny, zombie children they were, due to side effects of Concerta.


These are five things I learned about homeschooling and I continue to learn almost every day. This is a journey for me and Brad, as much as it is our children. It has been great for our family, although we are sending Sawyer to Kindergarten in Mexico this August. We want the boys to learn the basics at public school before we finish their education at home.  This goes back to the “I will never be a teacher” part ;-)

Take these lessons I learned with you on your homeschooling journey. Tell me below: What have you learned homeschooling? Signing off, Tina

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2 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned About Homeschooling

  1. Sarah says:

    You know I love homeschooling, most of the time.. I do hate math! I too say, “wait till your dad gets home.” We practice a mix of Charlotte Mason and unschooling. Both are laid back, easy going methods great for many learning styles, and perfect for children with ADHD.

    I love that you’re sending Sawyer to kindergarten in Mexico. That will be a great experience for him, and probably help him quite a lot with Spanish.

    As always, I love your articles and insights Tina. You are a fabulous Mama.

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