12 Compelling Reasons to Live Abroad in Mexico

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October 7, 2013, my husband and I moved our family of six, to the state of Michoacan, Mexico. Michoacan is located in the Southern mountain region of Mexico. We have lived here for two years in October and we love it! Here are 12 compelling reasons to live abroad in Mexico:


1. Mountain weather is beautiful

The temperatures stays between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit year around. The sun comes out almost every day. The trees and flowers are constantly in bloom.

2. Most people welcome foreigners

We definitely stand out as different, with our blue eyes, blond hair, and fair skin, but in general we are welcomed by young and old alike. We have made wonderful friends who are almost like family. You know, “brother from another mother” ;-)

3. Mexican food is awesome

We no longer eat unhealthy. My husband has managed to lose over 60 pounds! Home-cooked meals are served on every corner. Fresh fruit and vegetables are always in season. I love food and genuine Mexican food is amazing!

4. The culture is family-oriented

We have a large family with four kids.  In Mexico that is very common and highly prized. When we first moved, I was talking with an older gentleman and he jokingly said we were like Mexicans, with our large family.

5. The cost-of-living is considerably lower than the US or Europe

Our rent is a third of what our mortgage and insurance was in Kentucky, USA. Our house is bigger and more comfortable. A doctor’s visit is 30 pesos, or about $2 US. You can’t beat that!

6. We are learning to speak a foreign language

Being bilingual has several advantages. One is that you use and gain more brain power. Two is that as an adult there may be more job opportunities available to you. I am happy our kids have this opportunity!

7. Living abroad expands your horizons

Our family is learning how to adapt and change. The world is a big place and there is much to see and experience. It is humbling and inspiring and just plain beautiful.

8. Mexico is a vast and diverse country

It is not a dry, sandy desert that we sometimes picture in our minds. There are deserts, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, ocean shores, caves, cenotes, hot springs, valleys, canyons, and more to see in Mexico.

9. Everyone can find something familiar to them

We have Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, McDonalds, Dominoes Pizza, Office Depot, and a shopping mall. There is something for everyone, many places like Starbucks, will make you feel right at home.

10. The architecture is lovely

You can find Maya pyramids hidden in the forests, that were constructed thousands of years ago. Or you can visit downtown Morelia and learn about authentic Mexican architecture from the churches, schools, libraries, plazas, and market areas.

11. Street performers are found at major intersections

Some performers expertly juggle large stones, while others paint themselves silver and dance with fire. They put on good show for the kiddos. Not really a reason to move, but pretty cool if I do say so myself :-)

12. Life is slower and it’s easier to live simple

Worries are less and so is stress. Our mental and physical health is better because of this. Many worries that weighed on our shoulders while in the States have disappeared.

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There you have it! 12 compelling reasons to live abroad in Mexico. Can you think of another reason to live abroad? Perhaps for work or school? Whether it be Mexico, China, or France, give us your reason for living the expat life in the comment section below. Signing off, Tina

7 thoughts on “12 Compelling Reasons to Live Abroad in Mexico

  1. Ana says:

    I wish I could live in Mexico. My Mom was actually from Yurécuaro. She shared all of the fond memories she had from Michoacán.

  2. Elizabeth Nunez says:

    There are lot of Mexicans that have light hair and blue eyes and fair skin, usually called white skin Mexicans or light-skins and my grandpa which is Mexican, also lives in michoacan has white skin and green eyes and basically my whole Mexican family over there has white skin, you guys don’t actually stand out to be honest, besides the fact that you guys speak English

    • Tina Marie Ernspiker says:

      There are some and the difference is beautiful :-) A few weeks ago I saw a little red-headed Mexican boy. He was a doll. Our family definitely stands out as different. It is probably a combination of things. Besides physical features and our foreign language, we have different mannerisms, tend to be loud, and I am sure my large red birthmark catches attention as well. It’s all good though :-)

  3. Skyler Gilbert says:

    Hi there, great post! We are a family of 7 from Australia and we have just moved to mexico. There are so many great things about living here, but we’re not sure that we’ve found the right area for us. We’re currently in San Miguel de Allande, which is an amazing city, but we miss the beach and accessible trees to climb! What are your tips on great areas to live for a large foreign homeschooling family?
    Thanks xx

    • Tina Marie Ernspiker says:

      San Miguel is beautiful but it also expensive and very Americanized. We don’t live on the beach… we live in the mountains about three hours from the nearest beach. Uruapan has very few expats and that is part of what I love about it. Mexico is beautiful… there are many places to see and many things to do. I would recommend traveling as much as possible for a while and then pick your favorite spot :-) You can see some of the places we have been on this blog and maybe that will give you some ideas. Congrats on “seeing the world” with your family and may you have awesome adventures :-)

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