25+ Things I Love – What About You?

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Happy Toe by Grodden via DeviantArt

25+ things I love, not exactly in order of importance:

  1. When my kids smile
  2. Photography
  3. Techie stuff like my laptop and tablet… geeky I know!
  4. Writing and being read
  5. Wine!
  6. Food – many, many different kinds
  7. Fresh, clean bed linens
  8. Dancing
  9. World travel and new places
  10. Chocolate – yum!
  11. Cats, big and small
  12. Flower Gardening
  13. Hummingbirds
  14. Horses
  15. Big, sweet dogs
  16. Coffee with cream and sugar
  17. Brad’s hugs
  18. Massage therapy!
  19. Being pregnant… I feel beautiful :-)
  20. Water – falls or holes or hot springs or oceans!
  21. Books, thrillers and adventures
  22. Laughing
  23. Sunlight
  24. Storms and the sound of rain
  25. Nature and fresh air
  26. Animals, animals, animals – Pandas, Dolphins, Owls… all those I didn’t already list :-)
  27. Knowing God’s purpose for the Earth
  28. Helping others learn about God’s purpose
What do you love? Make a list! Are you enjoying life? I hope so! Are your priorities straight? I have a hard time keeping mine in check! But I won’t give up :-)

Be Happy by PuiColorat via DeviantArt

Think about it. It’s a good idea to look in a mirror occasionally and be honest with ourselves. Who is staring back at you? Do you like your reflection? Signing off, Tina
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