11 Photos That Will Have You Swimming at Kauar Tikuri

11 Photos That Will Have You Swimming at Kauar Tikuri
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A few weeks ago we visited Kauar Tikuri, a hot spring or agua termales, about an hour from Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico. It is located in a remote area requiring bumpy travel down a windy gravel road. Kauar Tikuri is popular with the locals but if you go during the week you are likely to have a lot of privacy. We went on a Monday afternoon and there were only a few other families there. The cost is 30 pesos for adults and 20 pesos for children.

Photo of Kauar Tikuri Hot Spring

In addition to the photos below, there are several large man-made pools, cabins for overnight rentals, a restaurant, changing rooms, restrooms, on-site parking, and pavilions with grills. I took my new camera with me and I was not happy with most of my images. I need to practice using this new Sony a77 DSLR more often!

If we return to Kauar Tikuri, and I am sure we will, I am going to make sure to take more photos and add them to this post. Kauar Tikuri has a Facebook page you can visit and they have a 4.5 review on TripAdvisor as well. If you find yourself in Southern Mexico in the State of Michoacan one of these days, put Kauar Tikuri on your bucket list.

Map of Kauar Tikuri for Guiding Tourists

An Insect Creeping Over the Finger
A cute little friend I made while eating dinner :-)
Volcanic rocks in volcanic area Michoacan.
Michoacan is a volcanic area and here you can see the volcanic rocks. This is why we have so many natural hot springs.

Small wooden bridge at Kauar Tikuri

Walking Trail at Kauar Tikuri

Sorry about the blur… I am a photographer, not a videographer ;-) Hahaha… at least you get the idea of how pretty this little remote paradise was!

Woman's Feet dipped in water
There were tiny fish in this cold creek water nibbling on my toes. Spa treatment for free!

Photo of Kauar Tikuri Mexico

Kids Swimming at cold waterfall Kauar Tikuri Mexico
Our girls and their friend enjoying the cold waterfalls.
White pipes in jungle to transport water
If you look close you can see the white pipes on the left of the jungle floor. That is how they transport the water to the pools.
Bubbles arising in water
This spring was too hot to enter thus it was surrounded by fencing. But you can see the bubbles!
People Swimming at Kauar Tikuri
Alexis is sitting on the spot where the hot water comes up into this natural pool. It felt great on my back. The Mexican family in the background was visiting from our home city of Uruapan too! Signing off, Tina

**As a little bonus enjoy this super cool video of a Modelo drinking butterfly that we saw while visiting Kauar Tikuri :-)

Originally published on December 19, 2016

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