Leaving Our Family – Moving to Mexico

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After moving to Mexico, I am feeling nostalgic. I miss my family and close friends. I am thankful for email, Skype, magicJack, Tango, Facebook, Instagram, and Voxer. Hahaha! Did I leave one out?? My best friend, who is like a sister, is pregnant. I was at the hospital for her first two babies, but I won’t be there for this one. I hate that. We have plans for a month-long trip to Kentucky in October. Can’t wait to see our family and friends and meet our new “nephew or niece”! We are not sure whether we will drive or fly. We are leaning towards driving, with a stop in Texas, where we will stay with some friends. We may not have the money for plane tickets by October, despite our continuous budgeting efforts.
When we told everyone that we were moving to Mexico, one of the first questions we were asked was, “How can you leave your family?” Well, if I could have packed my parents and grandmas in a box and taken them with me I would have. Not sure if Brad would have liked that ;-) But anyway, that wasn’t an option. I left my family in Kentucky for the best interests of my children and husband. We really needed to make some changes and we thought Mexico would be a good start. Changes are not always easy but sometimes they are necessary. This move has been good for us. You never know what the future will bring, but right now we are happy and healthy. We are spending our days together as a family, training our children in the Bible ministry and trying our best to give them a proper education. What more can you ask for? Maybe in the future my family will be able to live down here in Latin America with us. What an adventure that would be! We are already teasing my mom about driving in this crazy Morelian traffic. Some of our family, Brad’s too, are planning on visiting this year. We are looking forward to spending time with them in Mexico. Something that has helped us tremendously is our Bible congregation, here in Morelia. They have become our substitute family. It is wonderful to know that we have such great friends all over the world, whether we are in Kentucky or Mexico. This Friday a group of us are visiting a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, a few hours away. Soon I will be blogging about pretty, orange insects. Signing off, Tina

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sad you won’t be here too! But I’m so excited to see you when you and family when you come home to visit! Love you all! Amanda

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