Our Family Schedule in Mexico

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Tristan is sleeping and Brad took our older three kids to the pool. That means I have some “mommy time”. Peace and quiet. Ahhh… I have to brag on my husband. He is really putting his energy to good use. He goes in the Bible ministry, studies with the girls, makes breakfast and usually supper, helps with the laundry, mops the floors, takes the kids to the pool, and is walking every morning. I am beginning to wonder why I am needed. What an adjustment this is for both of us! Being together almost all the time. I love it but I do find us butting heads a bit more. I am use to being independent during the day and now, I am not. Life changes.

I think we have our family schedule figured out. See my chart below:
Monday morning: laundry, car wash
Monday afternoon: home-school, family Bible reading
Tuesday morning: family Bible ministry
Tuesday afternoon: home-school, Bible meeting
Wednesday morning: Brad Bible ministry, me housework
Wednesday afternoon: Brad Bible ministry, me home-school
Thursday morning: family Bible ministry
Thursday afternoon: home-school
Friday morning: Brad Bible ministry, me housework
Friday afternoon: Brad Bible ministry, me home-school
Saturday morning: family Bible ministry
Saturday afternoon: family Bible study, playtime
Sunday morning: rest
Sunday afternoon: Bible meeting, playtime

The girls take turns doing formal home-school and going in the Bible ministry with Brad on days that I am home. Sawyer does too. And sometimes if I get bored in the afternoon I call Brad and he picks me up for the Bible ministry. We go the the pool a lot later in the afternoon when everything is done. Our family schedule is definitely flexible and changes whenever needed. We visit Wal-mart a lot because we always need something. I strongly believe that a well-lived life is also the best source of education so everything we do with our kids teaches them how to be smart, responsible human beings. I am happy we have a schedule now. Schedules are good for stable families. And moms with ADHD. Haha! We still have some implementing to do. But we are on our way!

Last for the blog today, we had date night on Saturday. I found a good friend I can trust to watch the kids. Brad and I went to dinner and a movie at the mall. Both were cheaper then in The States and much nicer then we are used to. The shops are just as expensive as the U.S. and some things are more expensive. Like Oakley sunglasses. But to see Thor in 3D with a VIP lounge and theater was less then $20. Most movies are in English with Spanish subtitles. See details in the photos below. Buenos Tardes!

I am clearly enjoying myself a bit too much. I had to try the call button and order dessert from the waiter. I could not restrain myself from such fun!
The fancy VIP lounge with a full bar, leather seating, waiters, and magazines
Where is your smile, Bradley Ernspiker? Aren’t you happy to be on date night with your beautiful wife?
I love the Mexican guy photo-bombing our couple selfie :-)

4 thoughts on “Our Family Schedule in Mexico

  1. Myra Willison says:

    Well it looks like your starting to get the hang of things there. The movie theater looks awesome!!!! Miss and love you all

  2. Louie Taylor says:

    Rebecca said no fair, that movie hasn’t come out here. Happy to hear things are working out for you all. How is the tract work going there?
    Love you all, Wendy

    • Tina Ernspiker says:

      It’s going! I am trying to potty train Sawyer this week so I am home a lot. But we have had some success. Hopefully we will have some good experiences by the end of the campaign.

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