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The Wax Ball – A Tribute to a Terrific Dad


Monday it will be six weeks since the phone call. My father-in-law died suddenly at 58. We cried, packed, and prayed, then jumped on a plane from South Mexico to Kentucky, USA. Kevin died of a massive heart attack.  It happened on the way to work, while he was taking his morning nap. He always […]

3 Concentration-Enhancing Activities for Kids with ADHD


*Thanks to Joyce from TeacherSpark.org for providing Los Gringos Locos with this guest post on the benefits of concentration-enhancing activities for kids with ADHD. I believe these activities would be great for ADHD adults as well. Enjoy! According to the U.S. Department of Education, there are three necessary components required for students with ADHD to be […]

Top 4 Reasons for Stress That Harm Mental Health

Top 4 Reasons for Stress That Harm Mental Health

Reasons for Stress is a guest post by Katleen Brown. We all experience stress at some point in our daily life. Some of us more so than others! This unfortunately, is fact of life. One of the first things we need to know is, “Why am I stressed? What are my reasons for stress?” This […]

Social Care News: The Best Ways to Stay in The Loop

Social Care News: The Best Ways to Stay in The Loop

*This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Influenced. You can read my full disclosure policy here. Social care is a career in which you can feel valued, be employed in varied roles, and gain a huge sense of achievement from making a real difference in the lives of those with whom you work. […]

Understanding My Dilemma of Distraction


I have a dilemma. I am easily distracted. I allow myself to become overwhelmed. Here I am sitting in bed, thinking, when I should be sleeping. Balance is so hard for me. My brain is always working and planning. Sometimes my body wants to sleep but my mind won’t rest. I always have multiple projects […]

Hair Color FAIL – From Blond to Tortoiseshell to Brunette


You know how women are? At least most of the ones that I know. Sometimes we like to do something different, to make ourselves look pretty in a new way. That is what I was hoping to do with my hair last Friday. I didn’t realize it would become a hair color fail, a grand […]