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“He is Upsetting Some of the Customers” – Goodwill and My Crying Child

Goodwill and My Crying Child

Kids cry. Some kids throw a temper tantrum. I know it, you know it, it’s a fact of life. My kids are probably a bit louder than most kids. I say this because I know my kids are hyper, independent, stubborn, and mischievous little monkey’s. They don’t have a mild bone in their bodies, and […]

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5 Things We Love And Hate About Mexico Public Schools

5 Things We Love And Hate About Mexico Public Schools

There are good things about Mexico public schools and there are bad things about Mexico public schools. We put Sawyer, our five-year-old, in the third grade of pre-primary school last August. (This is equivalent to Kindergarten in the US.) We took Sawyer out six months later and decided to homeschool him. Six months of schooling […]

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50 Ways Life is Different Living in Mexico

50 Ways Life is Different Living in Mexico

UPDATE 7/16/18 – I wrote this article about living in Mexico after only three weeks of being in the country. I just reread it and everything still applies. What is amusing is that some of these differences I stopped noticing long ago. You really do get used to new things when you learn NOT to […]

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