Who Wants to Take a Dip In a Belize Swimming Hole?

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Towards the end of our trip, we found a great Belize swimming hole called Cristo Rey and Monkey Falls. I wish we had known about it from the beginning with the high temperatures we experienced! The water flows into the little pools via two sources. A natural spring coming out of the woods and pouring over a rocky ledge and a little creek. If you visit the Cayo area of Belize you need to visit Cristo Rey and Monkey Falls for a little relaxing fun in the watery jungle.

Directions to this Belize swimming hole are as follows:

In Santa Elena take the paved road to the town of Cristo Rey. A few miles and hills later, you will cross a small bridge. Around the corner there is a bus stop on your left, next to a dirt road. It is easy to pass so pay attention! Take that dirt road to the end and this is what you will see :-) Walk to the right and there is a beautiful green pond that is open to the public. You must go under the fence to get there. Walk to the left and there are gorgeous waterfalls that will be calling your name.

We came during the dry season so the water was lower and the flow was less then usual. Be careful during rainy season! If you have any trouble finding it ask the locals and they should know exactly where to go. Signing off in Belize, Tina

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2 thoughts on “Who Wants to Take a Dip In a Belize Swimming Hole?

  1. Jaime Mills says:

    Hi Tina.
    Thank you for this blog posting. We had been on the drive to find monkey falls, oddly your blog was the only one we could find with directions – as the falls aren’t on Google Maps.

    Two small notes if anyone else is referencing the drive details which would be helpful:

    1. Of you are driving from SAn Ignacio, cross the small bridge on a paved road which slightly turns to the right.

    As you come up, there definitely is still the bus stop on the left (concrete shelter), turn left onto the dirt road BEFORE it. Just at the foot of the bus shelter structure.

    2. Drive down the dirt road and keep on going… past the “Chai Garden Ashram” yoga retreat on the left

    Or best yet if travelling with a no one device, just plug in “Chai Garden Ashram” and drive 15 seconds past it, keep left and park under the trees :)

    Hope that helps any other readers too!

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