Vehicle Transport Abroad: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Vehicle Transport Abroad: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid
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The need for vehicle transport abroad becomes necessary for many individuals, especially those planning to relocate. The process of transporting an automobile overseas isn’t something that the untrained and unprepared person can take on alone. Thankfully, there are many international transport companies willing to carry out the shipping process. Using a reputable company will assure your vehicle is lawfully and safely imported.

Vehicle Transport Abroad: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

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For example, using the latest shipping gear and the hands of their trained employees, a vehicle transport company will have the capability of getting your vehicle into Chile. Of course, your vehicle will need to comply with the regulations set by the country or a transport may not even be possible. In Chile, expats are only permitted to have newer vehicles imported. Contact the Embassy of Chile for the current auto import policies. This is a step you need to take in any country you import a vehicle.

Whenever you have the need to ship a vehicle abroad, it is best to be knowledgeable. We have listed some of the most common mistakes made by those unfamiliar with overseas vehicle transport. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure that your vehicle arrives safely in the country.

Forgetting to research the transport company before hiring them.

It is very important that you research the international transporters in your area before hastily hiring the first company to throw you a low quote. Check out their website and read the reviews left by past shipping clients. Find relevant contact information, the services they offer, and get an idea of how the company operates.

Not fulfilling the country’s requirements before the vehicle transport begins.

Fulfillment of the import policy is the only way a vehicle can be permitted into another country. Gather the documents needed such as your passport, license, the proof of vehicle purchase, and other similar forms. Customs will release a certificate of approval upon the completion of all that is required.

Paying a large down payment or full payment before the delivery is made.

Never pay for your services before the delivery of the vehicle has been made. This doesn’t account for any taxes you must pay to receive approval from Customs. Be cautious of scam artists. They will always ask for money upfront. Researching the company you hire is the best way to avoid such circumstances.

Neglecting to prepare the vehicle for transport.

Preparing the automobile for its international shipping process is essential to it’s safety, and the safety of those caring for the transport. These are usually simple tasks to fulfill and can be done rather easily. Some of the requests include cleaning the vehicle thoroughly and documenting any damages.

Not confirming the transport company carries proper insurance coverage.

All authentic vehicle transport companies are required to carry insurance coverage for the automobiles in their care. Although it is unlikely that any damages occur to the vehicle while it’s in the hands of professionals. But having insurance will cover any repairs that might be needed in unforeseen circumstances. Always ask the transport company about their coverage and who they use for insurance.


Hopefully, by avoiding these top 5 mistakes you will have a pleasant experience moving abroad and transporting your vehicle to a new country. Relocating to someplace far away is a big transition for most people. Don’t add unwanted stress with vehicle transport! Do it right.

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