Two IMPORTANT Things I Learned From My First Opinion Post

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A few weeks ago, I wrote my first REAL opinion post, Curse Words are Not Necessary, A Note to Fellow Writers. I didn’t get much traffic from it on my blog but then my post was chosen for syndication by BlogHer. I was paid $50 and my post has received over 150 angry comments.

I learned two important things from this opinion post:

Sensational Writing Sells.

Do you want to cause a stir and make a statement? Go against the norm and write something sensational. Sensational sells. Give your opinion on a topic that few will agree with you on, and write about it. That is what I did a few weeks ago when I wrote Curse Words are Not Necessary. It worked. My sensational sold. BlogHer chose my post because it would receive a response from the public. It was controversial and upset many in disagreement. BlogHer got more traffic on their site, more shares, and more follows from my post. The 150 plus angry comments gave my post attention and recognition, which in turn gave BlogHer attention and recognition.

It’s part of online journalism. People often respond to topics that make them feel emotion, whether good or bad. I don’t comment on stories unless they truly interest me and make me feel something. My topic on using profanity when writing online, obviously caused people to feel something and this was used to the advantage of the news media. The news media is about selling sensational stories and making money. Hey, that’s why I blog! I love photography and writing and I would love to make a little income on the side. This brings me to a question I had to ask myself: Was the sale worth it?

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I Don’t Enjoy Causing Pain With Controversial Writing.

No, selling my sensational wasn’t worth it for me. I wish I could go back and rewrite a few lines of my post with more tact and less harshness. Alas, it is done! I stand behind my opinion but I don’t like the controversy. Sometimes controversy happens. We have firm beliefs. When we are challenged, we raise our hackles and we revolt. I understand the feelings behind many of the comments I received via BlogHer. Although I do not believe it to be worth my time, or yours, to respond. What good will it accomplish to push the topic further? None. You can’t corral the wind. So I smile, I nod, and I shake my head. Then I let it go.

I believe anger is often an emotional response derived from pain. I don’t enjoy causing people pain with my writing. I would much rather make a person smile or laugh. But I can not say it will never happen again. I have always been one to speak my mind and oftentimes it has not been for the better. But there are those occasions when I am glad I stood up for my beliefs. Sometimes we have to take a stand or pick a side. Maybe there will be more opinion posts in the future for Los Gringos Locos. Perhaps now after learning more about sensational writing and the feelings I can elicit, my next opinion post will be better received.

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For those of you who I hurt with my words, I am sincerely apologetic. If it’s any consolation I have deleted the original post. For those of you who are new to the blogosphere, learn from me and grow. May my lessons in writing help you become a better writer. Love, live, learn, laugh, blog, and life goes on. Signing off in Mexico, Tina

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