Top 4 Reasons for Stress That Harm Mental Health

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Reasons for Stress is a guest post by Katleen Brown. We all experience stress at some point in our daily life. Some of us more so than others! This unfortunately, is fact of life. One of the first things we need to know is, “Why am I stressed? What are my reasons for stress?” This article will help answer that question. ~ Please note we are not medical professionals. If your level of stress is affecting your health, please see a doctor. ~ Tina


One definition of stress is the response of your body to various issues putting a demand on your brain. The sources of stress may differ quite sharply depending on the circumstances of each case. Unless precaution and deliberate efforts are put in place, stress is known to escalate to chronic levels. This leaves dire physical, emotional, and mental negative effects. Some lower levels of stress are believed to be brought about by the mere mention of the word! Chronic Stress is associated with increased potential for health problems and diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and a compromised immune system.

This article will look at some of the top reasons for stress that have a direct effect on a person’s mental health, to the extent that someone is considered depressed. Some of the common symptoms of depression include memory problems, inability to make proper judgments, failure to focus or concentrate, a spirit of negativity, racing thoughts, and worry. How does one get to this stage?

Routine Stress

The things you do on a daily basis are often perceived as normal and less dramatic. Going to work, coming home to your family, or sitting on your sofa to watch TV, (overloaded with things that are not meaningful or helpful), may seem rather ordinary. However, if these habits are repeated without deliberate efforts to counter their effect, over time your body will automatically give a negative response. This could include a higher heart rate and an increase in flow of blood, respiration, and blood pressure. Sadly these complications leave your mind unable to bear it all causing some people to entertain suicidal thoughts.

Sudden Negative Changes

It has been said that change is as good as rest, but sudden negative changes can be very devastating. You wake up as usual one morning, highly excited to go to work, with your mind very clear on how you will deal with your loans as you advance your project and career, only to find a termination letter awaiting you! Or you have great plans for your family as husband and wife, after overcoming many hurdles in life, and with no clue whatsoever your spouse suddenly dies! Or perhaps a terminal disease, discovered rather late, comes your way and you have to stop doing all the things you are used to and be separated from people you have always associated with.

Unless immediate professional help comes your way, these experiences are known to cause drastic loss of physical weight and absolute disorientation of the brain. Usually, the body has the help of the prefrontal cortex, responsible for higher-level reasoning. Whenever stress arises, chemicals like cortisol and norepinephrine are released, tampering with its functionality. In the end, you are left struggling with anxiety and depression. Of course, you can consult with a medical practitioner for advice on appropriate drugs to reverse the said effects.

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Traumatic Stress

This kind is called traumatic because it is not only shocking but also disturbing. Events that fit under this category include civil war, physical assault within family or the society, major accidents (road, air, and so on), or the wrath of nature, (floods, fire, lightning, drought & hunger, eruption of diseases, earthquakes, among others). In their very nature, these events are agonizing because they expose one to serious physical injuries, with high chances of losing life. It is not unusual for images of these events to replay in the mind of the affected person from time to time, instilling a fear that can easily make you highly paranoid and cause or worsen schizophrenia.

Negative Self-Talk

Many times when stress causes and effects are discussed, the most obvious starting point for assessment is external – outside places, other people, issues that are really out there. Sometimes this is not necessarily the case. Negative self-talk or negative self-thoughts are usually the enemy within. An enemy that brings about a bad attitude towards life, sometimes out of unrealistic expectations, coupled with a lack of flexibility.

Needless to say, things will not always work your way. As you hopefully await success and excellence in your endeavors, not everyone will be excited for you, no matter the nature of your association. And further, life is not a straight line! In this regard, the worst that can happen is killing your self-esteem through negative talk and negative thoughts. You will gradually size up people and disassociate with others, turning them into objects of investigation, often unnecessarily. Any negativity starts in the mind, try not be the one to start it yourself!

How Do I Deal With Stress?

Answering this would require an entirely separate post! To start, avoid the top 4 reasons for stress that were listed above! We also welcome you to enjoy these articles on stress management and positive thinking below :-)


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