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La Mesa in Patzcuaro, Beautiful Mexico – Good Food and A Great View!

I have written a post or two about Patzcuaro in the past. It is an authentic little town about 45 minutes North from Uruapan, in Michoacan’s mountains. My husband, Brad, gave a short Bible talk there in an English congregation in February. Afterward, we treated ourselves to dinner at La Mesa.  Their website calls itself […]

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10 Things to Do In Patzcuaro – Beautiful Mexico Series


Patzcuaro is a city in Michoacan, Mexico. It is a bit of a tourist attraction for Michoacan visitors, but it has maintained it’s charm and beauty. It is definitely “real” Mexico and that is the best part! It’s authenticity! Patzcuaro is a 12 hour drive from the Texas border. It is located in the mountains between […]

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