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Life in Mexico – Problems in The Hood


Life in Mexico is not happily ever after. We have problems in the hood. This week is a perfect example. First, finding a home proved more difficult than imagined. Although we did find one that we really like on Sunday, so that stressor has been eliminated. It is someone who Brad studies the Bible with. […]

50 Ways Life is Different Living in Mexico

50 Ways Life is Different Living in Mexico

UPDATE 7/16/18 – I wrote this article about living in Mexico after only three weeks of being in the country. I just reread it and everything still applies. What is amusing is that some of these differences I stopped noticing long ago. You really do get used to new things when you learn NOT to […]

Our Family Schedule in Mexico


Tristan is sleeping and Brad took our older three kids to the pool. That means I have some “mommy time”. Peace and quiet. Ahhh… I have to brag on my husband. He is really putting his energy to good use. He goes in the Bible ministry, studies with the girls, makes breakfast and usually supper, […]