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Free Printable Laundry Checklist For Kids… and Husbands too!

Printable Laundry Checklist

I have a husband, four kids, and seven pets. That makes 13 living beings in our household. This boils down to a lot of laundry. It’s time to teach our oldest children the way Mommy washes clothes. Actually, my husband could use a little help in this area too. Hahaha ;-) This morning I took […]

Sleeping at the Airport – An Unforgettable Night in Dallas

The Unforgettable Night We Slept at Dallas Airport

That’s right. We can check sleeping at the airport off our bucket list! We slept at the Dallas airport with our four children. It was NOT fun in any way. Before I get to that part of the story though, let me start at the beginning of this last-minute trip. It all started early one […]

Our Epic Travel Nightmare – Driving From Kentucky to Mexico


Leaving home for six weeks to visit family over 2000 miles away by car is HECTIC, to say the least. It is NOT a vacation. Despite our love for our family and friends and the joy of seeing them in person, this trip is NEVER relaxing. And the drive home from Kentucky, USA to Michoacan, Mexico… […]

“He is Upsetting Some of the Customers” – Goodwill and My Crying Child

He is Upsetting Some of the Customers Goodwill and My Crying Child

Kids cry. Some kids throw temper tantrums. I know it, you know it, it’s a fact of life. My kids are probably a bit louder than most kids. I say this because I know my kids are hyper, independent, stubborn, and mischievous little monkeys. They don’t have a mild bone in their bodies, and that […]

41 Photos That Prove You Can Climb Paricutin Volcano with Kids

41 Photos That Prove You Can Climb Paricutin Volcano with Kids

Have you ever climbed to the top of a volcano and peered into the crater? Our family had this experience last summer when we conquered Paricutin, a volcano in beautiful Mexico. It was one of my bucket list dreams come true! I wrote about it first at World Mom’s Network. If you want a good laugh […]

Renting in Mexico – Our Nightmare Experience in Michoacan

Renting in Mexico Our Nightmare Experience in Michoacan

We were living in our Uruapan home for only a couple of months when we had our nightmare experience renting in Mexico. The authorities arrived at our door and asked us to go to the main office with them. Little did we know that this was going to lead to moving, for our fourth time […]