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Life in Mexico and The Cost-of-Living – Two Weeks in a New Country

Life in Mexico and The Cost-of-Living - Two Weeks in a New Country

UPDATED 9/15/2018 with the current exchange rate of 1 USD to 18.95 pesos – Well, maybe not quite two weeks but close enough ;-) So far life in Mexico is good and the cost-of-living is great! Keep reading below :-) Please help me continue my writing and photography by sharing this post. Gracias! Monday is […]

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Don’t Move to Mexico Just Because It’s Cheap

Don't Move to Mexico Just Because It's Cheap

I often get asked why we moved to Mexico. One of our reasons was because Mexico is a cheap place to live if you earn the American dollar. After living here for over three years I can say with conviction, “Don’t let that be your main reason for a move to Mexico”. Why? Because if […]

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Moving to Mexico – Renting Our 5th Home in Beautiful Michoacan

Moving to Mexico - Renting Our 5th Home in Michoacan

Updated 5/20/18 – Michoacan is a state in the Southern part of Mexico. We live in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico and our moving to Mexico journey began over four years ago. I never thought that we would be in our 5th rental home in only three years time. There are a few stories behind our rentals […]

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How Does a Family of Six Live in Mexico On $2000 a Month?

How Does a Family of Six Live in Mexico On $2000 a Month

Updated 9/15/18 with the current exchange rates – First, let’s just get our income out of the way. My husband is a pensionado or a retiree. His income comes from social security disability because of a brain injury in 2001. I don’t have much of an income. My blog and photography are mostly for enjoyment […]

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