A Special Week in Our Bible Ministry

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Both of these photos are lovely views of Morelia, in our Bible ministry.
We had a very busy week in our Bible ministry. Our Circuit Overseer, a traveling brother who encourages congregations with special talks, has been with us this week. Our family always tries to have a full share in his visits. On Tuesday we fed our CO and his wife our Mexican Chile. I say Mexican because I can’t find chile beans or kidney beans so I use black beans. Then I add in some beef, tomatoes, red pepper, onions, and Mexican spices. Brad made it this time. The meal was great but hot! As in “my mouth was on fire” hot. The girls had trouble finishing it and I was afraid the traveling couple would not like it either. They didn’t complain though and they finished their bowls. Later on that day Brad told me he also added two Jalapeño peppers to the chile and then he started laughing! During the meal I apologized because I thought I added to many spices and my sweet husband, kindly let me take the blame! That is love after 15 years of marriage.
Tuesday evening we had a Bible meeting and at the end of the meeting the CO asked the kids to draw him a picture from the children’s section of JW.org. At our Thursday meeting he asked the kids to come on stage and show everyone their pictures. My girls were proud to show off their artwork. Alexis drew a little girl ready for the Bible ministry, with her field service bag . Taylor painted flowers, grass, sky, and a rainbow, showing God’s creations. They each described their pictures for the audience. I was not quick enough to get a photo or record it with my phone. Some of the friends had their phones out so maybe I can get something from them. We were proud parents.
On Wednesday evening we had a special meeting for those that were pioneering in the month of March. Pioneering means these individuals signed up for either 30, 50, or 70 hours in one month. We have 20 friends that put in 70 hours each month in our Bible ministry. In March we have another 15 that have signed up for 30 or 50 hours. So in the month of March we have 35 of 39 baptized publishers in our congregation that are pioneering. It was a wonderful meeting about being a spiritual person rather then a physical person. I know I have two things to work on, personal Bible study and prayer. I have always struggled with these for some reason but I will keep trying to improve.
We have been in our Bible ministry every day this week. I think we will rest tomorrow morning. Today we had a rough morning because our water pump for our house stopped working. We have a water tank in our front yard and on the roof. The water pump in our front yard is supposed to pump water to the tank on the roof. The automatic part went out long ago. We knew the pump needed replacing but we didn’t expect it to stop completely. Apparently some pipes are busted. Brad had to go down to the pool house to shower. Having no water made us a little late but we still made it to the group for field service. I am glad we went out. It was a good morning after the stress wore off.
We have one more Bible meeting with our CO tomorrow and then he moves on to visit another congregation. I will miss them. In other events, Alexis started a Bible study last Saturday with a man who runs a travel agency. They are scheduled to study on Saturday morning, although today he was busy so we will try again next week. Two of Brad’s Bible studies have been attending the meetings with us. It is very encouraging. Tomorrow a few have promised to attend our Sunday meeting with the CO. We are hopeful to see these ones at the Kingdom Hall, learning about God’s word with us.
We have learned some news about our Bible ministry in Central America. Our congregation in Morelia is English. We preach to those that are fluent in English. For the most part, those persons for whom English is their native tongue. Panama and Belize have growth in the English field. But in Costa Rica and Nicaragua there is not a growing need for English. At least not at this time. Things can change so who knows what our ministry will be like down the road. Nicaragua has a need in the Spanish field. So if we move down South in a few years at least we know where they can use our help in our Bible ministry. Right now we are happy in Morelia but we like to have options for the future.
I can’t think of anything more to say so I am going to sign off. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Please share my blog with those who may have an interest. Tina

UPDATE: Taylor was sick this morning so I stayed home with her and Sawyer. Brad made the meeting with our other two kiddos. Two of his studies were able to come this morning. It was the first time for one of them and he enjoyed the simplicity and friendliness of our congregation.

I also didn’t tell you anything about our CO and his wife yesterday! They have been married over 20 years and are from England. Before coming to Mexico a few years ago, they served in Nicaragua for 15 years. They were in the Spanish field and are fluent Spanish speakers. I love their accents! What a wonderful example they are, living a life dedicated to serving Jehovah God. Good-night and sweet dreams!

2 thoughts on “A Special Week in Our Bible Ministry

  1. Melanie says:

    That’s so encouraging that Alexis was able to start a bible study. Hope it goes well for her. :) And that’s pretty impressive, almost 90% of your hall pioneered in March. We had many pioneering that month as well, I think it was closer to 50% tho.

    • Tina says:

      Thank you Melanie! Our girls are very social and they love to talk in the Bible ministry. This is a blessing for their father who gets lots of new interest from the girls friendliness ;-)

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