Social Care News: The Best Ways to Stay in The Loop

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Social care is a career in which you can feel valued, be employed in varied roles, and gain a huge sense of achievement from making a real difference in the lives of those with whom you work. In the UK, however, social care is also a diverse and fast-moving sector, in which public policy changes can have a real impact.


The past few years have seen changes to front-line NHS mental health services, a shake-up of the child benefit system and, of course, the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. This continues to keep social workers busy up and down the country. Keeping abreast of current issues within the sector is an important part of the job. With so much information out there, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees.

Here are some of the best ways to stay in the loop:

Community Care Online

This online social care magazine is a fantastic, specialist site which covers a wide variety of topics from a social care angle. It covers recent national political and social care stories, raises awareness of key issues, and includes a useful job vacancies board. This site really should be a favorite on your browser!

Guardian Social Life Blog

There are a plethora of social work blogs out there giving the lowdown on the latest issues within the sector. It’s a great idea to subscribe to one and read it regularly. The Guardian’s social work blog is one of the best, giving a factual and detailed commentary on the big questions. Recent posts have dealt with the challenges of fostering from a foster parent’s point of view, autism awareness, and life as a young carer.

Care Magazine

Skills for Care publish Care Magazine three times a year. Aimed at people working in the adult care sector, this social care magazine is focused on enabling care workers to share the best practices and improve their core skills. It can be downloaded directly from the link above for free.


Twitter is a fantastic resource. It allows you to tap into the thoughts and opinions of policy makers, current social workers and those passionate about their field. @ProfSocialWork and @ermintrude2 are two prolific tweeters who give regular perceptive insight into current issues and often link to great articles and blogs. If you’re after something more local to you, simply type your location into the Twitter search.

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Note from Tina: Not only did I publish this article in collaboration with Influenced, but I can tell you from experience that social care is important. When my husband had a traumatic brain injury in 2001, we used the social care system in the US. We were, and still are, grateful for the help they provided us during this difficult time.

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