An Online Course for K-7, Redbird Mathematics

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Some of us may tend to think that a gifted program is only for little Albert Einsteins. That is not always the case. I love the way that GiftedandTalented.com views the term gifted and recognizes the ability that most children possess if given the right circumstances. Here is a statement directly from GiftedandTalented.com.

“Our goal is to help students of all abilities become advanced learners. We believe the term gifted should be the destination and not a labeled starting point. Our courses, originally developed through Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth, have proven to increase learning, acceleration, and academic confidence for students of all abilities.”

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This Online Course Offers Benefits for Everyone

Alexis, our 12-year-old loves math and science. I find this somewhat amusing because they were my least favorite subjects in school! However, we love our girl and we support her learning so math and science it is! As a homeschool mom (in Mexico!) I am always on the lookout for a new online course for our kids. We primarily use online courses because as intelligent as Brad and I may be, or may not be, we are not the best teachers.

When I found Redbird Mathematics, a self-paced, online course at GiftedandTalented.com, I was intrigued. Initially, because the course was developed by Stanford University and we are all aware of Stanford’s reputation for excellent education. For this reason alone, I wanted to find out more. When I was chosen to provide a review of Redbird, I jumped at the opportunity!

You see, the current math program Alexis was enrolled in was becoming stale. We were eager for something new. Signing up for Redbird Mathematics was easy as pie. You have a parent’s account for monitoring your child’s progress, and then your child has their own account to run the course and check their reports.

Family Profile


Student Home

You can see the layout is simple and easy to navigate. That is a big win for both parent and child. No one has time for a complicated website stuffed with useless text, pictures, and buttons! The simplicity of white space is much appreciated and Redbird Mathematics has simplicity down.

When Alexis clicks Run Course on her home screen, Redbird pops up with a second screen. It is then time to let the learning begin. That little green circle with the wrench in the right corner is actually a helpful learning video. Those blue squares along the left side are ways for Alexis to chose her points, change the color of the points, connect the points, and erase any mistakes she may make along the way. When she is ready she can check the problem to see if she found the solution or if she needs to try again.

Problem Solving with the Coordinate Plane

I mentioned above that Redbird Mathematics is self-paced. We are primarily an unschooling family who believes that our children should have a firm grounding in math and language arts. From there they can grow into almost anything! With Redbird, we didn’t have to stay on top of Alexis and her math skills. She was able to proceed with the online course without much interference from us. Self-paced always makes homeschooling a bit easier.

What Does Alexis Think About This Online Course?

I interviewed Alexis about her experience with math and in specific, Redbird Mathematics. We had fun with this project and as you can see :-) Here are her responses (they are genuine and in her own words) :

How do you feel about math?


What did you learn from Redbird Mathematics?


What did you like about Redbird Mathematics?


What do you like about learning online?


Did we convince you to give Redbird Mathematics a chance? If you decide to try their program, let me know in the comments below. I love to know when I have been able to help a fellow parent!

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  1. Lorena de la Garza says:

    Hola vivo en México y deseo utilizar con mi hijo de 11 años Redbird Mathematics 6° ademas del programa Lenguaje Arts online pero no se como inscribirlo. Me puedes orientar?

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