Our New Home – Moving in Mexico

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house-in-morelia-mexicoAfter looking at over a dozen homes in Morelia, we finally found our new house! Our lease was up for our home in Arboledas de las Huerta in October. We wanted a similar home for less rent. There were things we were willing to give up, like the pool and the security. And there were new features we wanted like a bigger yard, a bigger kitchen, and a downstairs office. Finding this house was not easy. We met several realtors who tried to show us the same properties over and over again. The house we finally found and chose was a home we looked at previously but did not think it was still available. The property is owned by Raul, a man who has lived in the States longer then Mexico. His English is excellent and he cares for his property. He is honest and so far, quick to fix any problems. He is a also someone that Brad studies the Bible with! So we didn’t need a realtor anyway! When you use a realtor or go through a property manager, you are paying a percentage of your rent to them, as well, so I am very glad we found Raul’s home. Anything we need, we go directly to the owner. It is much less complicated without the middle man.

I love our new house. It has already changed since I took these photos. Most of the upstairs has been repainted and we are in the process of repainting the fireplace and the downstairs. It is also well-lived in and if you walk through it you will probably step on a toy. We have started to enjoy our garden and the kids love the fire-pit and playing in the yard. We are close to a Walmart and we are closer to our Bible meetings. It is a bit cooler up on this mountain but the fireplace makes up for that. I love the natural light, the big rooms, and all the closet space. This was a good choice and we are happy here. Especially since we are saving $2500 pesos a month in rent which is about $200 USD. Our rent has gone down from $650 a month to $450 a month. The kids miss the pool, but we could only use it part time due to the weather. They miss their friends but in Arboledas they had no place to play except in the street, which wasn’t safe. Now they are safe in our much bigger yard. I can even let Tristan outside. Alexis and Taylor are responsible enough to watch him.

So this… is our new home in Mexico. Welcome :-) Signing off, Tina


Kitchen and Dining Area



Living Room – Wood blocks on fireplace are gone!








Main Bath



Patio – We keep it locked so the boys don’t tumble off the roof.



Girl’s Room – Not the best colors… boy’s room is the same only white paint! Yea!



Master Bedroom






The night we moved in ;-)

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