Monday in Mexico – Nature in The City

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It’s funny how you can still find pieces of nature in the city. Whether it is Morelia or Uruapan, we have been able to enjoy a little bit of nature in our city-dwelling homes. Whenever we find an insect, a plant, or maybe even an animal, (like that night Taylor found an opossum in the trash), we try to make it a family affair and include the kids. After all, nature is a beautiful gift from God that we were met to enjoy, both in the city and in the country :-) In Mexico most of the population is located in the cities. Cities are crowded and yards are hard to come by. We do have some beautiful parks though, and almost every home has flowers galore, in spaces big and small. It seems like everyone is trying to find their nature in the city. Nature just makes you feel good. Peaceful, serene, relaxed, stress-free, and happy. If you live in a city, what is your nature? Enjoy our photos of nature in the city :-)

“Mom, I got you a flower.”



Monarch Butterflies





Giant White Moth



Baby and Banana Trees



Ripe Blackberries



Cactus In The Backyard


Signing off, Tina

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