How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19? Living in Coronavirus Times

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The coronavirus, or Covid-19, has swept the world including the country of Mexico. For many of us this our first time experiencing a global pandemic such as the coronavirus, especially with the restrictions that have been put upon us by our respective governments. Besides the virus being a little scary these new restrictions feel weird and they are not welcomed by many. Some people ignore them and that puts all of us at risk.

How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19 Living in Coronavirus Times

This is happening everywhere. In the US there are those protesting the virus and the safety measures in place. These ones have formed large gatherings that propagate the virus. With this in mind, I love Mexico, but unfortunately, the same things are happening here. People don’t like the restrictions and many are simply ignoring them. But let’s talk about the good stuff first!

How is Mexico Coping? The Good.

The Mexican government has set guidelines. In many places, you can see precautions being taken and they are much appreciated. Some of these precautions include:

  • Face masks are required when interacting with people outside your home.
  • Everyone is in quarantine, so unless you have a good reason to leave your home, don’t. Stay home.
  • Those over age 60 have their own shopping hour, early in the morning when few people are out and about.
  • Grocery stores and retail stores are limiting entrance to one family member.
  • Shopping carts are being disinfected at all the big stores, like Sams, Walmart, and Home Depot.
  • Hand gel is required before entering many places and even before using some atm machines.
  • A few places even have a sanitizing solution for you to wipe your feet at the front door.
  • There is a two-meter distance rule between all persons.
  • Social interactions like kissing, hugging, or shaking hands are not permitted.
How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19 Living in Coronavirus Times

Distance markers at Walmart during the coronavirus pandemic use visible x’s on the floor to mark a safe distance.

How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19 Living in Coronavirus Times

Checkout at Walmart during the coronavirus pandemic includes masks, gloves, and a transparent barrier.

How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19 Living in Coronavirus Times

Guidelines for the coronavirus pandemic include standing two meters apart, washing your hands for 20 seconds, and staying home if your temperature is 38 degrees celsius or above.

How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19 Living in Coronavirus Times

Stores closing during the coronavirus pandemic are losing income and will negatively impact the economy but more importantly, they will save lives.

How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19 Living in Coronavirus Times

Measures taken to slow the spread of the coronavirus include one entrance and one exit, sanitized carts, one family member, mask required, and hand sanitizer.

How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19 Living in Coronavirus Times

The mall closed during the coronavirus pandemic to prevent the gathering of large groups of people.

How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19 Living in Coronavirus Times

Tables are banned from use during the coronavirus pandemic to prevent the spread of disease.

How is Mexico Coping? The Bad.

The stores I  mentioned above as well as a few local businesses are the only places that seem safe. I say “seem safe” because I really don’t know. I can only write about what I see. Here are some examples of what I have seen and I personally view as NOT safe in our city of Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico:

  • Extremely long and congested lines outside of local banks.
  • Crowded outdoor markets or tianguis are still open.
  • People crowding into a small doctor’s office.
  • Fifteen people in the waiting room of a medical laboratory… And only five wore masks!
  • Restaurants open and seating individuals.
  • Restaurants preparing and serving food for take-out without masks or gloves.
  • A young mother trying to enter Walmart with her toddler son, both without masks.
  • Families crowded around the entrances of stores waiting for the one family member that went inside.
  • Food carts serving food to groups of people standing close together.
  • Fiestas and gatherings of large groups solo for enjoyment without any protection.
How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19 Living in Coronavirus Times

Family members outside a store during the coronavirus are waiting for their family members shopping inside the store.

How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19 Living in Coronavirus Times

People are crowded around a food cart during the coronavirus pandemic without any protection.

My brother-in-law made that little video above and gave me permission to post it. You can see the crazy long lines outside of our local banks. The lines are in place because the banks only allow a select number of customers inside at one time. This is good for inside the banks but it is setting up a coronavirus haven outside of the banks!

What Comes After The Coronavirus for Mexico?

I don’t know but I can’t envision it being good. I think the Mexican economy is going to take a big hit. Small business owners and low-income families will surely feel it the worst. It’s a sad reality that a pandemic does no good for any country’s economy. We can see the US struggling to avoid a recession, but almost certainly failing. So really the question may be, “What comes after the coronavirus for the world?”

I have hope for the future. I have hope for my family. If you want to learn more about what my hope is and where I find it, here are a few links for you, without any pressure:

In Conclusion…

Stay positive! Enjoy this time with your family! I honestly believe this time with my family has brought us closer together. It has allowed us to focus on spiritual things, as well as small but important things, like playing games online with family members that live thousands of miles away!

And as a farewell gift, here is a recipe for homemade sanitizer. Brad’s doctor gave it to us before this pandemic really hit big. We use it on our hands, our shoes, kitchen countertops, our dining room table, and you can use it on a lot of other things too! But I would recommend testing it on a small patch before spraying down anything super important or fragile.

UPDATE: This recipe is our personal recipe. I don’t know it’s effectiveness against Covid-19. But so far so good, at least in our home ;-) You can visit the CDC or WHO for their recommendations if you have concerns or questions.

Homemade Sanitizer

3 parts rubbing alcohol, (70 % isopropyl alcohol)

1 part white vinegar

Optional: Your favorite essential oils!

Take care peeps! Be safe wherever you are in the world :-) Signing off, Tina

Originally published May 13, 2020

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