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Life Lessons with Mexico Mom – Smell Your Toothbrush

The dog-food-eater and the toothbrush culprit.


Life Lessons with a Mexico Mom –

As a wife of one and a mom of four, I am always learning and discovering! I know I am not alone. Let’s just admit it:

The world is a big place, life is a lesson no matter where you live, and children can be the best teachers.”


Here is a preview of my latest life lessons post hosted on World Moms Blog:

“Life Lesson 101: Smell your toothbrush before you put it in your mouth.

This one mainly applies if you have small children still learning to use the bathroom. My boys are both gross when it comes to poop. I don’t know why. It must be a boy thing because I swear my girls were never like this. I mean, they were active, but not as gross as their brothers. The latest poopy adventure was when Brad went to brush his teeth before bed. He noticed that his toothbrush was brown, so he smelled it….”

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