Life Lessons with Mexico Mom – Don’t Eat Sushi On a Bus

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Life Lessons with a Mexico Mom – As a wife of one and a mom of four, it seems like I am always learning and discovering. I know I am not alone. Let’s just admit it: The world is a big place, life is a lesson, and children can be the best teachers. This will be my standard introduction for Life Lessons. I hope you join me for a hearty laugh, a deep thought, or maybe both if I am really on the ball.

Here are my latest insights and experiences, as a Mexico Mom.

Life Lesson 87: If your daughter gives your son his cup with an evil giggle, something is amiss.

This is especially true when you haven’t asked her to do this but for some weird reason, she is being nice anyway. Mexican hot sauce in a cup is still Mexican hot sauce. I have to say, in an evil mom way, the expression on Sawyer’s face was pretty funny. We couldn’t help but laugh a little, after giving her a firm, “Don’t do this again or you will be drinking it.”

Life Lesson 88: Don’t eat sushi on a bus in Mexico.

When you are offered sushi or a sandwich, choose wisely. If the hostess returns with more sushi because no one else wants it, don’t accept it, no matter how tempted you are. Otherwise, you may spend 30 minutes in the bus station restroom, sick to your stomach, regretting your sushi decision. – This one is credited to our friend, David ;-)

Life Lesson 89: Pillow pets do not flush down the toilet.

Taylor’s dolphin pillow pet, that she brought to Mexico from the States, took a swim in the hall toilet thanks to her little brother. Maybe he was getting her back for the hot sauce prank… Although it did not flush, it did manage to soak up a gallon of water before we discovered it. After the toilet it went for a sanitizing swim in the washer and survived the ordeal.

Want to see the preceding life lessons? Check them out here: Expats Must Adapt. Signing off, Tina, aka Mexico Mom


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